Halloween, Kids and Friendship

It’s two days later. The holiday for children is now passed.

What hasn’t passed is an image we saw, a moment in time………

Gangs of kids were running together up and down the street, groups together, laughing, talking…………..

Up the road come a girl, the same age as the groups of other children, but she held the hand of a younger child, a boy, maybe her brother, and a grandmother marched slightly ahead of them with a flashlight…..

In that moment, maybe we added more to the story than truly existed, but watching the young girl’s straight back, her sure steps, her firm hold on her brother’s hand…we wondered how she felt surrounded by all of the other kids.

Did they know her? Ignore her? Did no one else invite her to trick or treat with them?

It reminded us that even today, there are children for no set reasons, who do not have friends and go through their days watching others enjoy natural friendships and wonder what is wrong with them. Yet, as adults we know there is nothing wrong with them, somehow they fell outside of the social track, and in many case, it will be a long and hard road.


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