Humanity, my brothers

I rode down the road the other day, 35 miles from home. It was a route that took me through many different faces.

I watched, toward the end of my drive, a police officer, stop all traffic heading toward primarily government and university work, to allow the children to cross for school. A neighborhood where the “crossing guard” needed a certified gun. I watched him stop traffic to give this one family at least the chance to cross the road. A car, impatient, insisted on taking a left turn before it was clear. The police officer’s face turned red with disgust and frustration…….I watched, almost late to Court……….why did this young man have to take his time to explain to someone why it was important to lead tomorrow’s adults safely across the street? Were there words to explain the shame of us all that it was even necessary to have to accompany young children across the street, that we, as collective parents of today’s children, could not do better?


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