Waiting on the World to Change

no, not my words. just a shared feeling. wanted to put up the YouTube link to the video, just not sure it’s not copyright infringement.

Watch it, however you can, whatever is legal: John Mayer: Waiting on the World to Change

Then tell me, why is it that we are waiting?


2 thoughts on “Waiting on the World to Change

  1. We are not waiting. We as individuals feel helpless in our ability to generate any type of lasting, meaningful, beneficial change to our world as a whole. We only really have complete control over ourselves so we are the only ones we can change. It is my hope that the way i am with people every day will help to change those people, and so in turn change the people they meet. I spoke to one of my friends last night and it really made me think. She felt that I was a contradiction – promoting exceptance and understanding of others but I acted hostile towards her boyfriend (because I didn’t think he was the right person for her because of the way he had treated me when we first met). She felt that I loved her as a friend then I should accept her chose of boyfriend and be happy for her – I think she is right!

    I want to create debate and conversation between bloggers. Discussions on how we as individuals and communities could help to change the world around us.
    Bye for now!

  2. Interesting. Because of the way “he” treated you. I anticipated seeing because of the way he treated your friend, then again his treatment of you reflects on how he treats your friend, they are not severable.
    Regardless, I agree with you, that in changing ourselves we change the world. When we try to change only what is external, the inner part of us is constantly subject to influence, both negative and positive.
    When we first change ourselves internally, we can anchor ourselves as we go into the world and “choose” what will effect us and how.
    You are not alone. Many of us preach peace, harmony, being good to others and then we blow it in a simple moment by judging or losing our temper. I suspect the important thing is to keep moving foward.
    I feel as if we are waiting but can understand the perspective of why you feel we are not. Helpless or hopelessness in what we see everyday, what is that? Is that a state of being? Do we not wait even in those moments for a shift in consciousness?

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