Volunteer/Charity/Christmas Eve

Update:  2008

This year, perhaps what we need to do is look around us.  Who in our small field is in need of help and can’t or won’t say so?

Is there a way to help those within our circle, then enabling them to help others, and so on and so on?

Keep your eyes open, help is needed when and where it is least expected.

May God bless you all.

Surface Earth


Update:  December 2007


Update: November 2007 (original 2006 post follows below):

For volunteer opportunities, try: Don’t Almost Give Organization.

The site is full of a variety of ways to donate time or money or supplies, take a few minutes and look around and see what may work for you.


Update: (December 2006)

simple search on netscape: salvation army & volunteer…………..
one search and there we go, millions of opportunities to help………..

November 2006: Original post:

We have spent the last two hours looking for local organizations that may need help on Christmas Eve. We googled our zipcode, nothing came close. We then proceeded to use a bunch of innovative and unique word combinations to get back a hit we were looking for, simply:

spend our time on Christmas Eve to help others…

We have told our family, anyone that wants to see us on Christmas Eve, can come hang and help wherever we find people needing help; problem is, we can’t find out on Google….

anyone have a list, a group looking for help in localities?


9 thoughts on “Volunteer/Charity/Christmas Eve

  1. Hello,
    I, too, and looking for Xmas Eve volunteer opportunities. Please email any opportunties you discover!

  2. Hi Julie. For the benefit of anyone reading this blog…Salvation Army appears to have great need and many local benefits………..one is adopting a family, if money is a problem, they may also have extra toys to aid in the donations to the family……………..

  3. Hi,
    My name is Jo and I am interested in volunteering on xmas day. I would be interested in giving toys to children at a hospital or womens shealther.
    Thank you

  4. We are looking for Christmas eve or Christmas day volunteer opportunity in metro Detroit area.

    If you have any info, please let us know….


  5. Joy:

    One of the newest resources I found which has multiple listings for helping others is:


    Here is another resource for the Detroit area:


    Go to the site volunteermatch.org above and put in the location where you would like to look for volunteer opportunities and a list will come up.

    Always you can try your local Salvation Army that usually is looking for volunteers not just during the holidays but other times of year also.

    Stop back in or send an email to surfaceearth@gmail.com if you need some more resources.

    Peace & blessings.

  6. Hey, me and my honey wanted to volunteer on Christmas eve either with children or even like kitchen, we just want to dedicate some of our time because our anniversary is on the 24th and thats also when he came to Christ so we wanted to celebrate in remembrance of both and see if we could do any of that in the greater Seattle area, it would be wonderful if we could do something like that so yeah it would be awsome if maybe you could hook us up or give us an idea because this internet search thing doesn’t work so well for me….it got be here an hour later ha ahha anyways thanks!

    –In Christ Love 🙂

  7. Well Alicia, i just posted a response from you and accidentlly clicked away and lost the response! Must mean i should have typed something else!

    Here are some ideas:

    this comes under a job board, under volunteer opportunites,in your area, scroll down and see some of the organizations looking for help:


    salvation army: http://www.salvationarmynw.org/volunteer/holidaywork.asp

    United way, listing of different opportunities:


    Let us know how you make out and good luck!!!



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