Still Waiting on the World to Change

There was some previous commentary on whether we are “waiting” on the world to change or whether in fact we are not waiting at all. Personally, I must be waiting, because I don’t seem to be doing very much. We’ve found Salvation Army to help us help others this Christmas, Christmas being the holiday we have celebrated for many years. Then it occurred to me to ask them, hey, what else can we help you with during the year?

I dream about winning the lottery and building children’s homes and creating an environment where children cannot be harmed and twisted by the shortcomings of adults.

“I won’t spend my life waiting for an angel to descend, searching for the rainbow with an end…” (Katie Melua, “Call Off The Search”)

I stood outside this evening and saw one full moon. I turned my head toward a window on the surface of my home and saw two moons. Which perception was real?

I know that when I turn off the CNN program on the Aids Orphans in Africa, the children still sit in the hut alone.

I know when I turn off CNN, there is still a family missing in San Francisco.

If six degrees of separation is a reality and not a theoretical concept, why is it that I can turn off the t.v., build a fire, have some food and yet, children six degrees removed from me remain in isolation, vulnerable and without food?


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