“Waiting on the world to change”

I saw the line come up, was it for a news program last Friday?

I adore these words. You have seen these words time and time again on this blog. I question what it means, certainly I perceive that the author of these words, (?John Mayer?), was not waiting on the world to change but was hoping for the world to change. Yet, I cannot step in his shoes to know, I do not even know if the words are his.

I will tell you my spin:

We all wait. From the moment we are born.  And then, I guess, we wait again, after death when we are reborn.

How can anything be more important than discovering why we are here?  How it could be?  Why we would allow others known, here among us, to starve for the price of a private plane, a mortgage, private school tuition, a Gucci bag, a meal at McDonald’s….

Oh, I’m not judging, I’m just as wrong, please just tell me why…


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