United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Read whatever you wish on the site for United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, http://www.unhcr.org.  We were particularly drawn to the journals written by Angelina Jolie. They are direct and frank, not embellishing, with simple words describing a world millions of miles away from the one we know in the United States.

You will meet families, mothers, fathers, brothers, uncles, friends, daughters….no different than your own, except they were born into a different place in this world.  It will start you thinking, suppose, I, me, little me, could do something, anything to help?

Is it enough to hope for a moment, when life will individually change for all of us, and we will be given the chance, or have figured out the chance, to do something, anything, one small thing, that could set off a systematic reaction of good?

Give it a chance: read:



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