Featured Charities: Update

We have begun to list a few charities and other ideas on our Resource page. This is just the beginning as we amass our thoughts and post them on the Resource page.

We are also looking to highlight Charities in need of assistance. Yes, we know there are countless charities, but if you come across this page, and want to drop us a note as to why and how people can help a particular organization, we applaud you in advance for your time and looking forward to helping you along the way.

Here is one recent example of how reading a book began to open our eyes. Three Cups of Tea, One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace…One School at a Time, by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin, published by Penguin.

While in the bookstore lately, took a quick dash around, trying to find a memory of a book – a narrative that had been written by a woman about the culture in one part of Africa, it was meant to talk about the people and their life, not as sensationalized news bites, but to truly use their words, their way. Unfortunately, could not remember either the title or the author and sought help, the woman was very nice, searching for a book for me with no title or author information. As I stood and waited I saw a cardboard stand with a few books in it, Three Cups of Tea. I told the woman thank you and that I thought she had led me to something important to read and I would continue my other search on another day.

I read this book slowly, which if you knew me, is a non-event as I devour books. There was simply too much for me to learn within these pages, too much courage and vision to read it like a beach novel.

Go check these worthwhile organizations and stop back and share with us your thoughts:





2 thoughts on “Featured Charities: Update

  1. I love these people and have helped them by donating art for various events. http://www.brightstepsforward.org. They help kids get this amazing therapy that I’ve seen work miracles first hand. My mom was getting physical therapy for her stroke alongside all of these amazing kids we all just fell in love with. Kids from all over the world making huge steps every day. It fills my heart with wonder and joy just thinking about it.

  2. Which people do you love? Tell us! We so appreciate your response, our idea in launching this blog was to bring people together to help others. We have gotten hits on our news and thought pieces, but not a lot of activity on our sharing of charity ideas. Please tell us more!

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