Open Letter to Tobacco Manufacturers: Solve the Addiction

Listen, we are old enough to not suscribe judgment.

We ask you a simple thing, you have orchestrated the formula of addiction, can you now provide us with the tool to non-addiction?

Those commercials you have been forced to make are no more than inducement for those of us inclined to go out and smoke more, because now we feel worse than ever.

But you know this right? You knew the points of our brain to addict us? Is it too much to hope you know how to truly un-addict us also?

We don’t care how much money you make, if you own a private jet or not, you can’t take it with you anyway, we just ask you to truly help us, stop making us feel bad for what you fed us to begin with- “share the secret”-you must know how to undo us, don’t you? We weren’t born wanting to be outcasts and prematurely dead.


8 thoughts on “Open Letter to Tobacco Manufacturers: Solve the Addiction

  1. I am old enough to now relish the admission that I’m not sure what you mean.

    Certainly, there are times for when it is wished for that tobacco would be made illegal, that would make it “snap easy” to quit. Along the line of cards, deal and shuffle, take a short walk, nicotine is still at the right hand side.

    Point being, don’t need to condemn those that sell it, but to ask a bit of clemency and/or mercy for their brothers….come on ….give…they knew the secret to adddiction…………why not its near cousin?

  2. I’m saying this as someone who tried to quit smoking 17 times before I finally succeeded. The ability to quit isn’t out there. It is inside you. Nothing and no one can make you give up an addiction. You have to be willing to deal with the emotions that the addiction suppresses. When you are ready to do that, quit, and look around for a support group of some kind. Be willing to let people in to support you.

  3. That is understood and very nicely put.

    The original post was a result of conversations with many different people and a curiosity, as they begin to better pinpoint the part of the brain most susceptible to the addiction of nicotine, it provoked a very simple question: is it possible that the manufucters have the key to unaddicting people?

  4. All “quit-smoking” programs/ideas have the same basic principal: you need to want to quit smoking more than you want to light up. It is that simple – for sure not easy to follow through on the choice – but that is all there is to it. That’s why the tobacco ads have the positive fell good about yourself message.

    I quit three times before quitting for good. For six months, my first and last thought each day was about how long it’s been since that last cigarette, that last puff, that last fix. That was over 20 years ago when there wasn’t anyplace safe from smoking – not the office, not the store, not even a bus. For many years after I finally quit, I would occasionally “feel” the urge to start again. The memory of how painful it was to stop, the memory of counting the minutes since my last fix kept me from returning back to the shackles of the Tobacco industry. I am free not to smoke. Those who never smoked or smoke still, have no clue how liberating it is to be free not to smoke.

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