The Religious Bully

Thanks be praise

to Heaven above

or is it

Heaven among us?

What do you choose?

Judgmental Jesus?

or the ever merciful

non political

non partisan


of Mary?

Do you choose something else? Because let us be frank, we don’t care. Our vision of Jesus need not be yours. We don’t need to shove it down your thoughts, ask for your credit card number, or any number of things that brings back one telling vision: Jesus turning over the money changer’s tables.

Let me ask you though?

Who washed His feet?

Is it true? Is it real? In 2007, is there “them and us”; those that are saved, those that are not? The ones in the remote regions of Pakistan who value our independence in belief, simply asking us not to ridicule or kill them for theirs?

What is it? Are you telling me this is what “Jesus” wanted? A world divided in “his” name?

How many of us have met Jesus? How many of us know which parts of what we arguably know of Him, are known vs. learned?


4 thoughts on “The Religious Bully

  1. No, I don’t think so. When I was a kid studying the Crusades, the teacher was a religious fanatic and I didn’t buy it then, either.
    Do not kill is do not kill. Killing in the name of Jesus seems like a double mortal sin.

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