Britney & Bald

Where do we start?

With the fact that she choose to shear her head?

With the fact that CNN wanted to cover the issue?

Is it possible that she just wanted to? Is it possible she just felt violated?

Is it possible, that as women, we may want to shear ourselves of convention?


9 thoughts on “Britney & Bald

  1. Shear ourselves of convention? Maybe she just flipped. No? Come on, greater people have “flipped” over much less. Still, there is only so far the media can take this. After all, unattractive as it is it’s just a bald head. Ok, so it’s more than a bad “hair day” but the hair will grow back and besides, it’s a lot better than having pictures of her “underwear-less” virgina on the internet. EVERYWHERE. FOREVER.
    OMG – can you imagine? No matter what Britney chooses to do with her life in the future, those pictures will always be around – FOREVER. Easily assessable to anyone – ANYWHERE. Her children may someday run for political office (surely they will be able to afford it) and there – right next to all those coveted Hollywood type endorsements are pictures of their mother’s bare virgina.

    Oh yeah, I would save my head too.

  2. On the one hand, we are grateful your spell check was not working! On the other hand, our reaction reminded us of a New York Times article this past Sunday, page 1, Children’s Author…

    Back to your thoughts…there is an issue as to what you want or anyone wants to place out there to come back at them again. A recent New York magazine had an article on the young bloggers and their ability to be far more uninhibited than the older generations, with questions to the bloggers as to whether they would care if their grandchildren would see the pictures/info/etc.

    Again, apparently she did what she did, (Ms. Spears), and either thought of her children or didn’t. The question becomes, what is the weight of judgment and should we own the right to judge what she does r doesn’t do with her own hair?

  3. I wasn’t judging – just expressing the horror of the thought of that (the exposing pic) ever happening to me or any woman I know. Still, Ms Britney knows she will be greeted by dozens of eager photographers wherever she goes. I would submit that if she had thought enough about herself and her children she would have also thought to wear “something” – anything – over her vagina.

    I agree, our generation tends to be more uninhibited than the older generations – that’s always the case. Even so – try finding a Blogger who would not be horrified at the thought of their mother’s vagina saying hello to the world.

  4. I couldn’t help but wonder why she had to do this in a hair salon with no curtains drawn. I think she needs help because she just skipped on rehab a few days before and she’s just not finding it.
    She knew she was being photographed, she did it perhaps as a cry for help to the entire world?

  5. How many times do we believe we present one picture but the world sees another despite intent and actions?

    Driving today, I imagined a jury made up of animals, giraffes, pigs, elephants, and I saw them watching a human parody and easily having a better solution. First, they would cast judgment on the audience. Your interest having rendered the media frenzy which induces the behavior. Secondly, they would say, ignore it unless it begins to splinter further, then support, silently and quickly.

    The entire thought was longer but we don’t need to bore you with that, it just seems, at time, our race is not all that advanced, ourselves (authors herein), included.

  6. I shaved my head when I was 20 and in that crazy time of questioning identity, and relationships, taking chances, and taking in the full weight of the world. It was an act of rebellion, of cleansing, and a challenge to myself. I had long hair forever, and had a lot of warped identity/beauty/ego/love/sex issues wrapped up in that head of hair. Shaving it all off was like “ok world, do you love me NOW? See, I didn’t think you would. Watch how much I care.” It’s an immature statement, but hey, I was 20.

    The deeper statement I was making to myself was “I’m not going to hide behind this hair anymore” and it was very liberating. There’s no hiding when you have a half an inch of hair on your skull (that’s as short as I got – no full on bald head).

    Anyway, I share all of this because when I saw that footage I immediately got it as her own rebellion to all the shit she’s had in her life. I have no idea where she’s at otherwise in her life, and it’s not my place to know, but shaving your head as a woman isn’t necessarily an act of desperation. It can be an outward statement about inner transitions.

    You are right on in the sense that it is not our place to judge or assume. She’s a human being. She deserves our prayers rather than our stones.

  7. Amen. I recently read judgment is when fear takes over, or someting like that. In other words, judgment is a reaction provoked by fear.

    Imagine being so centered that it was unnecessary to judge? To be beneath oneself, to forbid oneself to stoop so low?

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