A Simple Sunday Thought

How do we know who we would be if we weren’t who we are?


15 thoughts on “A Simple Sunday Thought

  1. Well, if we weren’t who we are, we wouldn’t be us. In other words, if someone else existed in your place, they wouldn’t be a different you simply by the fact that they’re in your place. They would be a completely different person.

    I hate talking like this. It’s kind of pretentious. 😛

  2. We wouldn’t know at all. We have to journey through lifes experience, good and bad, to come to this point….today….to who we are and what we strive to become.

  3. That is a better question, because I believe that once you have realized who you are…. you will see that you are nobody and everybody is you. Therefor it wouldn’t matter if you are you or if you were some body else.

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  4. Yeah, as cliche as it is….
    It took me a great effort and time to FEEL what that meant, and I still do completely Feel it for all that is is.

    Circle, a symbol that is sacred and common in most cultures.
    All the answers we can ever want is already in us, we need only go within ourSELF. Whatever the answer is, it will complete the full circle. Full of paradoxes.
    I know nothing, and I am….


  5. As I do. It is perplexing, the conflict between all is nothing and everything and nothing from nothing is still nothing. I would venture to say that you are fairly more evolved than we are on the learning path as you are comfortable or striving to be comfortable with the use of “nothing”. The circle is sacred, we agree.

  6. Good evening/afternoon Jon!

    I could be clever and jump on dictionary.com, but would much prefer your thoughts that sent this original post in a parallel direction:

    do tell: mobious strip?

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