Jesus, the wife and the child

Why would it matter if it were true?

Why would it be any less of a miracle and reason for faith?


5 thoughts on “Jesus, the wife and the child

  1. I agree. I don’t care if it can be proven or not, or if it is true or not. Why does it matter? Nothing can minimize the importance Jesus had on the world. Although, I wonder what Jesus would think if he were alive today? Would he be happy with what he would see?

  2. If the bones of Jesus were discovered? Yes, yes it would. The whole of Christianity hinges on the fact that Jesus was resurrected bodily and has transcended death. If Jesus was married and had kids, not so much, but dead?

  3. Great post…gets one thinking doesnt it? I too wonder what Jesus would say about our current culture, of believers and non. I for one believe in Him and that he’s the son of God.

  4. And isn’t that enough?

    Why can’t the message of loving kidness be enough without division?

    Why can’t individuals take their own path so long as they don’t improperly foster it on others and don’t harm others?

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