The Weight of Words

Words to me have always carried weight. Energy. Tactile.

You can see a book or a post online and without fully reading the words, arrive at a sensation as to whether you want to go on.

The use of words can carry such great responsibility.

Suppose we had to earn the words we use? Suppose there were words that could never be earned?

Imagine a basket in front of you before you speak. You have to walk at least ten steps to reach it, then crouch down and take your hands and sift through the words you think you want or need to use. Then you measure the weight of the words on a scale of consequence. Only upon retracing the ten steps and placing the words on the ground in front of you, will you then begin to speak.


6 thoughts on “The Weight of Words

  1. That’a the thing about words. Once you say them you can never take them back. They can be used to heal, to love and if not used carefully can hurt more than a fist…

  2. Difficult.

    I can sit and preach the responsibility of words, but also wince at all the times I wasn’t careful with mine and the hurt or confusion or anger I must have been responsible for. I guess it is always: “onward”.

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