Beyond God, the Universal Law and the Collective Consciousness

It doesn’t matter who is right.

What matters is what we can live with, what we believe, what we can do to lessen the burden on ourselves and others.

The fear of the unknown is vast, which is why we remained married to the past, no matter how scary, and why we skip over today to tomorrow in hopes of what might be.

What truly happens when we stand where we are?  When we breath and do not venture anywhere but where we are?  How difficult is it to quiet the active mind and in quieting the active mind, is there a mind left at all?  What is there then?


12 thoughts on “Beyond God, the Universal Law and the Collective Consciousness

  1. Wow i didnt realize the depths of the last paragraph of your post. That is it for me, That is were I want to be.
    ~ The question is: What is your relationship to the mystery? Are you defending yourself from it? Are you making love to it? Are you living in it? These are all different stages of the process.~ Ram Dass

    at that moment, in silence, free from the limitations of our mind. Just standing still… breathing,

  2. Physically, everything is active, all the time!

    its not being active mentally or physically, i think, that i am concern with. Breathing is active, but if you dont breath you will die. Silence is active, because of thoughts? is that what you are refering to?

    I think the realm of non-active exist,
    it is a state of non-existent, not to be misunderstood with not to exist at all. But to exist in everything. Once you are there what is active you are everything.
    I cannot play as if i am clear to this myself, although I feel it more than i can word it.

    do you consider, Peace, Calmness, Completeness, Oness, Compassionate… do you see those quatilities as non-active? just curious.

  3. Expansion of humanity in a nutshell is tapping into the energry around us that we presently know so little of, in terms of its powers to transcend who we are which would naturally transform what we perceive and experience as collective human beings.

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