Go Green!!! Uh, I mean, I think yellow….would that be garish or “Gorish”?

so? what should we do? judge not judge?

I mean, seriously, if the proponent does not embrace the system advocated, does it make the system worthless?

Or do we need a sliding scale?

Reports tell us following the Oscars – ?tell us? – or suggest, that perhaps Mr. Gore does not practice what he preaches. The difference between Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk.

So, let’s suppose, he doesn’t practice what he preaches, but the net effect is that, as a result of what he preaches, the planet has become 30% more green..now what?

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Call it what you will 


7 thoughts on “Go Green!!! Uh, I mean, I think yellow….would that be garish or “Gorish”?

  1. Someone once said – “let he that is without sin cast the first stone”.

    Well Mr Gore, I think you best put down that stone!

  2. It’s just his self serving hypocrisy. Add to all those Hollywood personalities that rally behind the “let’s save our planet” flag. I watched the Oscars…did anyone see ANYBODY drive up in a hybrid vehicle? The fleet of limos they used each get about 9 miles to the gallon – but shame on me for wanting a Hummer that gets 11 miles to the gallon.

    The report that was mention by CNN (see article: http://www.tennesseepolicy.org/main/article.php?article_id=367 ) noted that Gore’s home last August used more than twice the electricity in that one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. Even better, since the release of An Inconvenient Truth, Gore’s monthly energy consumption increased by almost 14%.

    The question I have is why all the fuss now? Gore’s inconvenient “do as I say, not as I do” true was noted in numerous blogs several months ago. Why only now in the main stream media? Perhaps, it a truth too “inconvenient” for the mid-term elections.

  3. I don’t have a problem with Gore’s huge energy appetite – I haven’t changed all my light bulbs either. However, preaching about it, criticizing the others for not taking this seriously, scaring less informed people and then doing so while completely disregarding his actions – even increasing his own consumption – this is the pinnacle of hypocrisy (i.e., just more of the same old politics).

  4. What’s the answer? Is there a positive effect despite the perceived hypocrisy of the man at the pulpit?

    Is the message without the fallible human delivering it, as some argue, I’m not sure where I come out on this yet, still a pertinent message? Is it more effective or less due to the media on his alleged consumption and do as I say not as I do mode?

  5. In 1996, I took an environmental conservation course at UNH. I remember walking out of that lecture hall after every class feeling like I had just been handed the answer to saving the world, but who would listen to little old me? I think all of the students of that class felt overwhelmed about the doomsday scenerios we learned about – “it’ll only get worse if we keep this up” – and you know those in charge show no signs of finding another way.

    That was how I felt ten years ago – very scared, and resisting hopelessness. Now I am encouraged that this conversation has finally expanded outside of university walls, and into mainstream society. It/we are far from perfect, but at least this information is OUT there. We are talking about it, thinking about it, making changes, slow but sure. That DOES matter – very much, and it’s bigger than Mr. Gore, though I am thankful to him for his role in the big picture. I am more interested in continuing the conversation than pointing fingers, at Gore or anybody else.

  6. Yet another “inconvenient truth” or just more of Gore’s “do as I say, not as I do”? Gore apparently talked an airline employee into letting him and two associates around airport security lines before. Police spotted the security breach and required them to go back and be screened before boarding a plane. The story is on cnn: http://www.cnn.com/2007/TRAVEL/03/02/gore.airport.security.ap/index.html
    In other words, signing up to narrate that documentary has nothing to do with his belief in the bigger picture of climate change – which I can speak volumes about – it’s all about political expediency. Lets not forget, this is the same man who would have you believe he invented the internet.

  7. Very interesting viewpoints. Really enjoy the different takes on the matter. Um, didn’t Gore invent the internet? (Ducking head, only kidding).

    The same question remains doesn’t it? Does it matter what Gore does? Pretend for the moment Gore had not jumped on this issue and brought it to this level of a public light, but a “nobody” spearheaded the issue and only 5% of the people now exposed to the green effort received the information simply because there was no public personality tied into it? Maybe there could have been a more “green” commentator, but arguably, wouldn’t it have the potential to reach less people?

    I don’t know Gore’s true green habits. If the information presented in the media is accurrate, then maybe he too needs to get in line and start walking the talk…

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