I’m NOT a potted plant!

“I’m not a potted plant.”

I can absorb, listen, do my “charitable” deed and remain impassive during the onslaught. But whoever said, I had to be a potted plant?

I raise questions, queries, perhaps bordering onto commentary at times, as to spiritual or save me, religious beliefs. The idea is to provoke discussion, to get thinking about the big picture that is so far beyond us most times that we can only see our feet. And yes, yes, life deals us blows that knock us over and we then become grateful for being able to see our feet, let alone the big picture.

Forgive me, I digress.

Why must certain religious persuasions be forced upon others?

Truly, I could care less what you believe, although I do draw the line at using your beliefs to manipulate or harm in any way others.

So why should anyone care if beliefs are in conflict as long as that very basic humanitarian goal is met?


I will not just sit and take garbage that you have to believe only one way or the other. If I wake up tomorrow and decide I am one of the starpeople, so be it.


Editor’s Note: These links from the author will take you to some other people who have made it clear that they too are not potted plants:


Reference to Brendan Sullivan Iran-Contra trial comment


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