Thoughts on living

Many of us may have spent a lifetime

putting out the embers of a fire

grounding a foot

against a lick of red

on a dusty brick

taking a stick

pushing it

fanning its pulp

extinguishing the air

surrounding the flame

A lifetime

or what it seems

at the moment

while time still stands ahead

A lifetime to obliterate the flames

Why then

is it such a suprise

that it may take

more than a nanosecond

to rekindle the fire?

Crouching on bended knee

an elbow resting in the dirt

hands scarred

having circled dug up rocks

pieces of long standing trees


waiting for breath

slowly to exhale

and fan the flame


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on living

  1. Lovely post – and so timely for me. I am furioously fanning embers as I type. But old habits make me think about throwing cold tea on them and just getting on with things. Thanks for the words. (-;

    Ronnie Ann

  2. Greetings Ronnie!

    Perhaps too many words to convey a simple thought.

    The intent was to say: we have spent a lifetime extingushing possibility, why not convert fear to courage, wait through the next few moments, and breathe air to the next sparks?

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