The Law of Attraction & The Seat of Judgment

There is much that has been written about the Law of Attraction. I don’t consider myself to be a scholarly authority on this matter, but I do hold certain truths to be self evident.

The Law of Attraction counsels that if you use your emotional guidance system, you will bring yourself to positive forces and thoughts. Whether it be the attraction of perfect health, financial prosperity and joy, the choice is ultimately yours.

For many years I became bogged down in the notion of judgment. What right do we have to judge? What would occur, moral anarchy, if we did not judge? I could not see beyond this dilemma.

Having spent time reading various sources on the Law of Attraction, and yes, that includes The Secret, Conversations with God, A Course in Miracles, The Law of Attraction, The Basic Teachings of Abraham, The Way of the Warrior, The Alchemist, The Pilgrimage, Toltec Traditions, various writings of the Dalai Lama, The Celestine Prophecy, The Teachings of Don Juan, A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, to most of the books from the Kabbalah Centre to The Interior Castle of St. Teresa of Avila, and on and on….I have come to a tentative conclusion…

The open question as to the place of judgment can and should be removed from the realm of moral analysis and moved into the the thought of the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction teaches us, from a simple level, that what we think pulls energy from the Universe and comes back to us. The question becomes, do we then have to monitor our thoughts?

Not really. The basic idea is that we pay attention to an “emotional guidance system”, a gut instinct, a physical feeling that tells us, hey this feels good or this doesn’t feel good. If we can learn to recognize and not supress these physical manifestations, we can learn to manipulate our thoughts to what is positive.

Taking a basic example, I am watching CNN, health news comes up, there are new findings on what back pain may be caused by. As I watch it, I begin to tighten my body, feeling the ache and wondering, is it a heart problem? Could it be something worse than a heart problem? In that moment, I am forgetting, I raked the leaves, carried a toddler for hours, scrubbed the floors, carried an oversized briefcase up and down stairs, all I am thinking of is – gasp – I have back pain!

My mind begins to wonder, could it be something horrible? I flip stations and my brain picks up on each station that has more dismal news. I talk to friends, go to work, go to the store and I hear more and more similar stories. It must be true, I must have something to be very, very afraid of.

Now, here’s my favorite: “Rewind”.

None of the above with slight exceptions happens. I stand in my kitchen, I flick on CNN, see the talking head begin and change the channel.

The Law of Attraction tells us this simply, although I haven’t read it quite that way yet, but it tells us to: “Change the Channel”.

So where does judgment fit into this?

If you are like me and are striving not to judge others you are pushing against a natural tendency and focus to do precisely that: to judge.

Judge the ones who judge, judge not judging, in other words, you are swimming in a great morass of judgment.

Now suppose you took yourself out of that quandary.

Suppose, you sit down at a birthday party, a lurking adult on the fringe of childhood play, serving as a waiting ride home and a woman sits down next to you. You already had your moment planned, the moment in which you were waiting to escort your charges back home and not get in the way or embarrass them as you wait. You have a bag with a water bottle, gum and at least three different books. You sit down quietly and savor the moment you are about to call yours and crack open to page 209 of your 263 page book, knowing you are nearing the end and wishing there wasn’t one. You look up at a sound and find another mother nearby. You smile. Too late you realize that she has no intention of reading the book in her hand. You should have seen it by the way she sat next to you and placed her bag on top of the book, not out of the way of the book, but on top of the book.

You suck it up but your gut is rolling, you really just want to read.

The woman begins to talk, she is lovely, a nice soul, but the conversation never ends despite numerous attempts to casually open your book and hold it in front of your face.

She begins to speak about non-smokers, parents who don’t agree with her reward system for good grades, and it goes on and on.

You smile. A lightbulb goes off, huh, I don’t have to agree with everything she says just to make her feel better. I don’t have to offer up my own tales of woe just to be a good comrade. I can simply smile and redirect her to the children climbing rock walls.

In the past, I would have fluctuated, ah, what a nice lady, I should agree with her or at least murmer and nod my head. What a bad, bad person I would be to do otherwise. Then I think, but I have no interest in this type of conversation, I don’t want to bash the rest of the community, I don’t necessarily agree with them, but I simply have no interest in such topics.

I have no interest in such topics.


I don’t need to go through the scales of morality but can fixate instead on what is feeling right inside of me and move away from what feels wrong. And in the process, I don’t have to sit in the seat of judgment and don’t have to go through a dissertation as to whether I am being charitable or uncharitable, I can just move toward what feels good or away from what feels wrong.

And that is how easy it can be at times to move toward what feels right and attract an abundance of what feels right all of the time. What feels right to me is not to judge. I don’t need to know why, I just know it is true. In judging, I bring negative energy to myself and the recipient of my judgment and it becomes a never ending relentless cycle.

I would rather simply enjoy breathing.


5 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction & The Seat of Judgment

  1. I so enjoyed reading this post today. All of the books you mentioned were influcing me one by one, but watching the secret really pushed me to actively engage in these ideas, rather than just think about them. To actually put them into action, to live them. Ideas become experience, and for me, that’s when real faith comes in. Just the smallest taste is enough to believe in it all… for me, anyway.

    I liked what you wrote about that woman, too. I am certainly feeling like I am on a cusp of change as far as how I communicate with others, and what I feel responsible for. I am notoriusly in situations where I over extend myself. I have felt for years that it was a noble characteristic, but as I get older, it’s gotten more complicated. Some sad, drunk man at a bar that I befriend over pool and positive talk, turns into creepy man that now has me seeking out the nearest, trustworthy man to protect me. Ug.. yeah, I don’t do that anymore. It was part of a young adult stage of wanting to save the world one person at a time with love and acceptance.

    It’s not that I don’t still feel that way, I’d be lying to say I did not. In fact the last wedding I went to, I was the one holding the single sad person there’s hand, as she (to be honest) was rather selfishly feeling sorry for herself and needing attention. Maybe it would have been best to NOT fullfill her needs, because they weren’t my needs too, and maybe she would have been better for it to be left alone to get over it herself. All I know is there’s certain boundary lines I need to understand within myself for the betterment of all. I think that’s what I was connecting to in that story of yours.

    Not agreeing automatically or saying anything you don’t mean…. I am working on that. Being kind and honest at the same time.

    I love your blog and will be posting about it soon at my new blog called Look See Saw at

  2. Thank you Jessica.

    We look forward to your newest blog.

    As you know, we have highlighted your artwork on our blog links due to not only the pure accomplished artistry, but also, the emotive quality that is hard to ignore.

    My quest:

    How to be kind and honest to others while being kind and honest to yourself?

    I think your comment on my post highlights that distinction.

    When, in giving the self, are we truly not aiding others in a higher positive way? It’s almost aiding and abetting at times when we are so unsure of our roles as kind beings that we encourage negativity instead.

  3. Wow. I love your voice. In it I find a richness and depth I don’t readily see in others. It’s as if I can see myself living the words I read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I enjoyed the breathing.

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