The Call that Never Ends

Imagine for a moment, that you live in a world governed by different standards. Come on, it will only take a few seconds….

You are working, scattering through emails shooting at you, lines holding, documents piled for review, diary dates passing by your eyes.

Phone rings. It is someone near and dear who is meant to be within the safe harbor of your existence.

You answer, “hello?”.

“Oh, hi, who’s this?”

Who’s this? What? Did I not just pick up the phone when the other person dialed?

“It’s me.”

“Where are you?”

“Where am I? You called me. At the office.”

Now, might sound like someone, me, is without patience, a bit curt, less than the oh wise breathing one. And that would be correct. But everything in context.

The conversation ensues and after ten minutes without a pause, I hear a pause, “what’s wrong with you?”.



Well nothing truly, it’s just that you have been speaking to me for ten minutes straight without even asking if it’s a good time and the thrust of the conversation is to share your pain.

Suppose I was in a painful moment? Suppose I simply had not shared? Do I need to air my woes, pains, hurts and trials to be afforded the courtesy of not filling my basket with yours?

Now this is stream of consciousness and “pretend”; yet, we all have moments like this. When our plate is so full, there is no space to absorb another’s worries and pains, especially if it is about the weather, a sneeze or a bad meal at a restaurant.

What do you do? Preach to them, tell them, you think you got it bad?

Chances are they aren’t going to hear you and maybe they do have it bad or worse, after all, who would want to spend their time complaining most of the day?


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