Whose truth?

Do you know what truth is?

Sure, it is a compilation of facts.

Do you know what facts are?

Sure it’s what’s black and white.

What’s black?

Um, that which is darkest.

What’s white?

That which is most white, without being translucent.


facts are that which are darkest and not most translucent, right?

At which point do we divorce perception and its effects from what we regard as facts?

Let me give you a very basic, perhaps insulting example:

How do we live in a world, where anyone, government included, has an excuse to kill others, and we argue over whether it is defined as genocide or a humantiarian crisis?


2 thoughts on “Whose truth?

  1. very well said! One of the problems is, one’s truth may not be another’s. That’s why this war is still going on, without an end in sight.

  2. Manymeez:

    I have read your blog and am quite intrigued.

    The question of truth is never-ending.

    I don’t need to support the war, to know I should be supporting the young woman and the older mothers returning from what I could only think about.

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