Today I Am

Surface Earth, copyright 2007

It is a time before now

A time well past

in this half-finished life

purgatory these last few decades

holding me silently raging

against what could have been

standing the measure of time

against the choices not made

cast as decision

Putting on the familar face

losing my breath to fit the mask

at which point am I more real?

Am I too old now

to even ask?

or too young

so long as there is even one breath


to ignore the pain

of pasting upon my face

knowingly curving without thought

the contours of my cheeks

to admit the smile

against the cast of my eyes


One thought on “Today I Am

  1. A wonderfully thought-provoking piece – as always. For me every choice not taken has built me to be who I am, a person capable of choosing now what I couldn’t even have fathomed then.

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