Excuse me, no God? What is brain plasticity?

What is God?

Who is God?

Is there God?

I grew up in the dogma of religion: yes, a Roman Catholic.

So what that I was the child of divorce?

Oh, my parents could no longer indulge in Communion? But they could put money in the basket?

Ok, I get it (not).

It doesn’t matter.

The evolution of the search for the meaning of God, sprituality, the Light, reminds me of again, yes, thank you NPR, of brain plasiticity.

Many of us come across the stories of the monks that have achieved a different level of brain mechanism than us mere humans, they elevate, in my mind, (my mind only), on a stratosphere that transcends even what I can digest in the written word.

I watched the sky as I drove from work this evening, and I’ll be darned if the sky and his (her) angels were not laughing at or with me, as they read my mind contemplating the levels of meditation and spirtual ascension.

They seemed to laugh at me.

What, you thought we would give you a ladder to climb?

Perhaps a trampoline?

Go back inside of yourself, they seemed to say, you must have a better idea of how to reach us.

So there I am reflecting on neurology and science and God, not understanding half of what I hear, but understanding that there is a commonality, an overlapping, there is a connection, think and it will be done, believe and it is yours.

Good night folks.


3 thoughts on “Excuse me, no God? What is brain plasticity?

  1. I was shunned from a different church because of my parents’ divorce. It was a very rough very navigating the waters between uncompassionate “Christians” & a compassionate Christ. I’m happy to say by the grace of God I have faith. I’m not perfect, but after seeing my parents’ love come to an end, it is refreshing that God’s love will never end.

  2. What came first, the chicken or the egg?

    I don’t doubt one of you out there has an answer and a reason for that answer!

    Hard to reconcile worship of an all loving God by followers that only partially love, isn’t it?

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