I Matter

What does it mean to say:  “I matter?”

Does it convey ego?



Saying “I matter” can be ever so simple.  It can convey only this:

I matter.

If I matter to me

There is a chance

That when you matter to me

We can do great things together.

Conversely, saying:  “I don’t matter”


i don’t matter to me

and if

i don’t matter to me

then nothing can matter to me

and if i give you anything

it is less

than me

less than you


what is it


you would ask

of me





matter to me?

On the flip side, I think the answer at this stage of life is quite easy:

I matter.  And in so recognizing that, there is more I can do for you.


2 thoughts on “I Matter

  1. Yes, this return to the thought that when we are not embracing and encouraging the all that we can be, we are in fact doing a disservice to others. I.e. when you see my light shine, you feel a little safer to let yours shine too, and on and on the ripple effect continues. We are too bashful around one another, and we are afraid of ourselves as much as anything else.

    You SO matter – to me personally – and here i am just another gal lost in cyberspace? Can you imagine how much you matter to the people you touch personally every day? The people who witness, in person, you shining?

  2. Hey there. I think your first paragraph aptly describes it: the better we feel, the more and better we do and the more the rest of the world benefits.

    Many thanks for your kind sentiments. Very much appreciated.


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