On Love and Marriage

Yesterday, I had a comic relief day.

Many of you may not have wanted to click on the links I provided yesterday, as to be frank, many could consider much of the language or messages objectionable; yet, there is a madness to some of the messages conveyed, we reap what we sow.

So, what is marriage?

Do people today marry for love?

Is it real?

Do people marry for love today?


5 thoughts on “On Love and Marriage

  1. I married for love the second time at the age of 30. (First time I was 19 and didn’t have a clue who I was or what I was doing.)
    I can see myself with no other. So, yes I think it is real. I married for love and I know it will last. With age comes the knowing of your likes and dislikes. You are grounded and know more about life and what you want from it.
    How did I do?

  2. When I was 21, I married for love – his love. He loved me more than I could ever imagine anyone loving me. But it wasn’t enough. I only loved him as a friend – altmost a brother. I thought it would grow to a different kind of love for me, but it never did. And the disparity in what we felt broke my heart. Next time I will still marry for friendship – but there will have to be the other also. And yes…it does exist in this day and age because I know people who have it. But to make it happen, first they learned to know and love themselves. I’m still working on that part. (-;

  3. Michelle: I say congratulations!

    100 Blogging Babes: you speak of a different type of love than I had thought of when I posted the query.

    I agree that loving oneself is paramount. There must at least be a whisper of loving oneself or wanting to in order to attract a good love.

    I read some books in which there was much talk of arranged marriages, fondness, a love which might grow……and within that were stories of “true love” forsaken for the duty owed to the culture or religion or family structure.

    Love, grown upon the first moment of meeting, in the shadows of the times wondering, and then the courage or opportunity to manifest that desire, seems to me should be a prerequisite to marriage.

  4. I married at 21 for love but took the scars from childhood sexual abuse into the marriage and my husband brought his past. We lasted 17 years and had 2 children, 3 and 5, when we divorced. I agree with 100bloggingbabes…we have to love ourselves before we attract our spouse and while we’re with our spouse…the law of attraction (for love) works within a relationship as well as attracting one. It took me the loss of 2 children (going to live with their father because of my rage from the past) and feeling suicidal before I started the journey of loving myself…I wanted to give back and became a counsellor/psychotherapist and have worked with many clients, many survivors of childhood sex abuse, and found they too needed to love themselves inorder to transform their relationships and lives…so I’ve now written a book on this, which includes my life, my family and clientwork…scary to see it in black and white but I’ve been told it’s inspirational and gives hope and ways to transform a relationship…Anita Jackson at http://www.rekindlethemagic.com

  5. Hello Anita. We took the liberty of quickly looking at your webpage and the information regarding your book. Congratulations to you, and congratulations further as to your courage.

    Yes, Blogging Babes, as well as Michelle above, made very real comments about the need to love oneself in order to recognize and choose love.

    When we don’t love ourselves, or even like ourselves a little bit, we have no compass for finding or attracting or recognizing love with another. Sometimes we can get lucky and fall into it, and wind up with a partner who loves us well and dearly and that in an of itself can set the groundwork for learning how and why to love yourself.

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