Women Abused & Reports on Domestic Violence

The last few days I have been preoccupied with another CNN headline, reporting the number of women abused/domestic violence victims in Mexico.

I wanted to do more research to cross-reference the media headline numbers, but knew it didn’t matter for two primary reasons:

1.  Even one domestic violence victim is one too many; and

2.  There is no way to account for the real number.

When did domestic violence begin?

Was it present from the union of man and woman or woman and woman or man and man?

Is it no more than yet another reflection in the inherent violent world we humans have adopted?

Is it necessary to get to the origin to eradicate the potential for its occurrence?

Is there anyway to start when humans are no more than a thought and change the consciousness so abuse or harm to others could never become either an abstract or concrete imagining?

Being aware, donating to groups with their primary aim to help domestic violence victims, whether they are men, women or children, is paramount.  I still wonder though if there is a way to get to the root and rip it out so it can never grow.

I was planning to put up “real” statistics when I realized I can’t possibly find the “real” numbers as victims of domestic violence suffer in silence.


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