In..Humanity..Un Haminity…lack of being human

Which movie do I need to cite?

Which news article?

How many crying children does it take?

There are more of us than “them”.

There are multitudes of us that would not harm another like the harm we see on television, in the newspaper, on the internet, in the blogs—-there are more of us……… can we figure it out?

POST, COMMENT, DO WHAT YOU WILL, BUT SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS….one of you might yet make the difference.


2 thoughts on “In..Humanity..Un Haminity…lack of being human

  1. This thought jumps to my mind on reading your post:

    I find myself contrasting the unrestrained violence in parts of Iraq since the over throw of Saddam Husein with the seemingly lack of violence in the whole of South Africa during and after its transition of rule from the white minority rule to black majority rule. Even if but just a fraction of the injustice that was perpetrated by the white minority against the non-white majority –for centuries – was true, surely it was at least on par to what the Husein and his Sunni minority has been accused of during its 30 or so years of rule. Why then the indiscriminate slaughter of defenseless woman and children…at a market shopping for food, at an adolescence soccer game, at their house of worship?

    Of course the South Africans did not transition 300+ years of white supremacy rule, indeed a culture that is know world over as apartheid, without its share of problems. Still, the black majority did not take its revenge on the white minority; the whites did not respond to their loss of power by blowing up a soccer game being played by little black boys. Houses of worship frequented by whites or blacks were not daily targets of suicide bombers or “improvised explosive devices”, white men looking for work were not abducted, tortured and killed by gangs of black men seeking revenge.

    I can imagine that there are many within the Shiite community; including Iraq’s current “leadership” (I use that word figuratively) that harbors many ill feelings towards the minority Sunni and their 30 year suppression. But I can also imagine that Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president, who spent 30 years incarcerated and tortured by his white suppressors, would have gladly traded places with any of them. Yet South Africa never looked liked Iraq.

    Perhaps the world didn’t give Nelson Mandela and the people his country enough credit. Perhaps the world expected too much of Islam and the people of Iraq. I am inclined to believe both are true. There is a lesson learned here as well. The difference was that in South Africa, the focus was on the journey to the end result, where as in Iraq the focus was solely on the end result; e.g., it’s the path we take that matters. Perhaps that lesson is too much to expect of anyone.

  2. Thank you for sharing.

    The last sentence in particular still has us thinking…sorry for the delay in response, but the last sentence is thought provoking.

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