The Law of Attraction

Wikepedia provides a comprehensive overview on the law of attraction, the pros and cons, the claims by skeptics of pseudoscience.

In essence the introdutory definition is: “you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your destiny.”[1]

(References and footnotes: Redden, Guy, Magic Happens: A New Age Metaphysical Mystery Tour, Journal of Australian Studies: 101: Louise Hay, “the Queen of Affirmations”,(9) believes that “our thinking creates our reality”. In short, if one’s consciousness is in tune with the “whole”, creation becomes a resource from which we can manifestsynchronicity. According to Hay’s bestseller, “You Can Heal Your Life”(10), your life can be transformed by never dwelling on the negative, as the “metaphysical principle of life” is the “law of attraction”: you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your destiny.)

Perhaps we sometimes approach topics too simply here at SurfaceEarth, regardless, it appears that the Law of Attraction requires action and positive thought.

Um, what’s so wrong with that?

Again, Wikepedia concisely states the criticism of the Laws of Attraction:


Some critics say that the claims made about the scientific justification of the Law of Attraction are not supported by any mainstream scientific research, and there have been no widely recognized studies demonstrating that the principle actually works (there are a number of recognized studies in which positive thinking has not had a measurable effect on objective conditions, while conversely scientific studies involving the use of placebos support the principle of positive thinking). Skeptics have claimed that the explanations of the claimed law (and even the use of the term “Law” itself) misuse and misrepresent mainstream understandings of electromagnetism and quantum mechanics in a way often characteristic of pseudoscience. In dismissing the claimed effectiveness and anecdotal testimony about the success of the Law of Attraction, skeptics argue that it is nothing more than a round-about means of self-motivation and a confirmation bias applied to acts of increased risk-taking, and has no further metaphysical effects.[1]”

See Footnote 1 reference above.

The harm in following the Law of Attraction is what exactly?

You become more positive?

You increase your energy?

You lessen the burden on others who no longer have to bear your angst?


11 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction

  1. it’s so easy for people to devalue the power of the mind and the energy it exposes. just because “real” science can explain everything doesn’t mean that it isn’t real…in fact, i find encouragement in the possibilities of the “impossible.”

    the celestine prophecy?

  2. On a purely selfish level, when I decide to think about some positive goals for my day – even if that means smiling at people on the subway and trying to brighten someone’s day – I wind up feeling better. And in that mode, I can also accomplish more becasue I am not dragging my heavy burdens behind me with each step I take. And, to expand on what you said, the effect on those around me can only ripple back to me. Again…all selfish. We should all be so selfish – regardless of what science tells us.

    And, by the way…the scientists I know may doubt the theory, but I’ve found them to be quite optimistic about finding solutions to their own problems or puzzles. Do I spy optimism and positive thinking after all?? (-;

  3. yes, selfish. I too thought at one point that feeling positive was selfish, until I learned, I would have more to give. I understand your words, at least I understand them my way.

    Love to hear more on your second paragraph as to the scientists…………………

  4. mwoodsh:


    Can real science really explain everything or is it simply the mantle they have taken on?

    The more I watch and read of science, I realize they realize how little is yet known; yet, I admire their journey and struggle to understand their discoveries.

    Yes, a world with Celestine Communities, true, live breathing Celestine Communities? Can’t help but to believe collective consciousness could then win out.

  5. not to get too personal here, but i once met a man out on a trek who “randomly” cornered me and told me of such evolutions (and revolutions). his ideas spoke of technologies that would interconnect everyone and every idea-essentially that we would cease being individual in mind, spirit and soul.

    the believe that dependency is harmful is…well harmful. we are social beings, we cannot separate ourselves from one another. yet we desperately try. why?

    as to science…well i think it’s silly. things can only be ordered and valued to a point. the great mystery is what fuels our universal fire.


  6. 🙂

    randomly? There’s a thesis in a word.

    I wonder, I don’t doubt a world of more sophisticated interconnection, but do we lose individuality in that connection? Seems like the random traveler believed it to be so. I am not yet there in my evolution of thinking.

    It would be ok to believe that there would be such an interconnection that we could cancel out negativeity, and perhaps that is all we would lose in indviduality.

  7. Many people believe the Law of Attraction is a
    philosophic creation of the “New Age” movement.
    It’s not. It’s an ancient law of the universe
    spoken of since the dawning of humankind’s
    awareness. Gandhi, Buddha, and the ancient
    Vedas spoke of it. Positive, auspicious energy
    harnassing is integral to the ancient arts of
    vastu and feng shui. Even the bible speaks to
    aspects of it. It doesn’t hurt to try it, it

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  9. For years, I’ve been studying and practicing the Law of Attraction, I only seemed to be able to manifest little successes in my life. But reading the book Attraction Distraction filled in the missing pieces. I’m well on my way to making my big dreams come true!

  10. All:

    I think the Law of Attraction is not quite a science, I think we add in pieces of our hearts, altering the alchemy.

    I think it may some day boil down to the energy of pure love.

    Blessings & peace to you in 2009.

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