Blog Rules

I’m naive.

I have not yet coordinated the right tag words to the consequent tag surfing.

So be it.

Yet, I recognize certain principles to be true. And yes, perhaps it is very Toltec of me, I belive we have each our own version of truth.

In the meantime, rules for blogging:

1. See it

2. Read it

3. Feel it

4. Hear it


ask yourself,

if the curtain were drawn back,

would you be tall enough,

to withstand your post or comment?


*design compliments of (copyrights fully reserved)



5 thoughts on “Blog Rules

  1. You ask “if the curtain were drawn back,
    would you be tall enough, to withstand your post or comment?” To me, the wonderful thing about blogging is that I can still stand tall even if I now choose to change my words. If you look back today at your words yesterday and think “maybe I feel differently today”…that’s ok too. You have the blogosphere ready to listen to what you have to say now and understand. This is the beauty of it all for me. Blogging is of the now and, like life, it allows growth and change. My version of truth. (-;

    LOVE your design!

  2. Enjoy your comment on this post, you have expanded on my original thoughts. I agree with you, blogging, when done with a kind heart, allows for the changes in our thoughts and language.

    Thanks for the compliment on the design!

  3. I’ve given this topic some thought. I believe with all of my heart and soul that we all live according to our own truth. And of course our blogging is a result of that truth. But, as we change, our truth will change, so what we wrote yesterday may differ today. I have had many arguments with fellow bloggers about what truth is. Many say that truth is only what the facts are, everything else is only opinion. To me, that is a one diminsional, conformist way of thinking. I don’t know how to have them consider that truth is not a tangible, black and white, right and wrong, left and right, or yes and no concept. Truth is sincerity and all that that encompasses…Truth is your own personal reality…Truth is integrity…Truth is a mother and child…Truth is the core of your soul. These truth conformist say that this thought process is extreme leftist, liberal jiber jaberish non-sense. Is that there opinion or their truth? So, when the curtain is drawn back, today I may be tall enough, tomorrow I may need a step stool, and the next day I may need a 10 foot ladder. But it will always be my truth, and it is okay. Thank you for helping my mind go toward the light on this rainy, windy morning.

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