Confessions of a Rogue Novelist

Here we go.

Here we go.

Here we go again.

Trolling Virtual Earth.

This time, we have to admit, we had to depart the Matrix and enter the physical world. Actually had to park a car, walk, heavy footed on concrete ground and enter—-gasp—an independent bookstore. Yes that’s right. An independent beautiful world affirming bookstore. Shucks, to think we aren’t even gonna tell you where this gem is….ok….we might…but not today.

Confessions of a Rogue Novelist“….

back cover sent to you via virtual earth compliments of surface earth, the liason of virtuality meeting physicality……..

“A Word

Confessions of a Rogue Novelist takes a hard look at the world of Commercial Book Publishing-a world of shock, shlock, and celebrity.

The catchword of this depraved New World is: ‘quality is taboo’. Claiming that good books don’t sell, [let’s not forget, Harry Potter’s unfortunate trips through slush piles], too many agents, editors, and publishers have driven quality away from the marketplace.

Dedicated to the Unpublished Novelist and The Unhappily Published Writer, Confessions of a Rogue Novelist suggest an alterantive route to breaking into print. This route is not without peril and is definitely not for the timid. But if the ourtcast is to win his own world–if quality is to find its long-deprived audience–it is a path worth taking.

A.J. Liebling once remarked, “There is Freedom of the Press if you’re rich enough to own one.” And so you won’t find anything like Confessions of a Rogue Novelist in what passes for New Grub Street today.

But Confessions, having been published away from the marketplace,away form the rubbish heap of the big commercial houses, raises some disturbing, even revolutionary questuions about the current book scene. And it does this with style and penetrating insight.”

The author of “Confessions of a Rogue Novelist” is identified as I. Yevish.


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