On Music & Words

Thought for the day:

Some artists leave us no room to create in between their spaces, the spaces between the notes are so full.

We must just sit and listen and if God or the Universe graces us, we must put up our feet and listen, yes, listen and hear.

There are other artists that leave us room to fill in the spaces, words are never divorced. Do you know what that is, to tilt your head to hear the music of words before they hit the page, a waterfall flowing? How can words ever be separated?

To edit or not to edit?

Stream of consciousness writing is an integation of emotion and energy without ego……


4 thoughts on “On Music & Words

  1. The music flows through my veins, and inflames my creativity. I feel the sound ripple through my soul. The rhythm fills the room, as my head begins to spin I pick up a pen and begin to write…

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