On blogging

I have read a lot here at wordpress.com on why we blog.

What we do with blogging, what we shouldn’t.

I have only one thought: (*lie)

Blogging for us here at surface earth is to be the the food processer of thought.

We search, we troll, we are always on the edge of the eternal question, why?

Fascinated by manifestation, the law of attraction, healing, faith, religion, spirituality….what we really want to know in all of the questioning is why?

What is the common denominator of all the thoughts mainifested?

Is the missing integral simply faith in the unknown?

None of us know, or so few of us that they have not been able to harness the resources and bind it in any publishable form.

We don’t know why we are here, we don’t even know where here is and yet we place rules and regulations upon this supposed life…………….why?


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