American Idol & Global Kids: Children need us

Updated: April 25th

Are you kidding me?

Go give a dollar. I dare you to click below.

Say what you want.



Tonight watch it for one reason.

For the children of the world.

They are all ours.

We owe it to them to make this world better.


For the Children


3 thoughts on “American Idol & Global Kids: Children need us

  1. How do you do it? How do you get yourself to consistently post entries? What are your motivations? I haven’t been writting for so long and I only realized how much I miss posting entry when I am actually doing it. Its been a while and I miss reading your thoughts on life holistically! They make me think and it also allow me to learn and grow ….
    And.. Yeah for entertainment to
    Does one have to know another through the 5 senses to know oneanother?

    Well, before I read your thoughts and comments. I have these words I want to share with you. Altho fairly rought draft, “brainstorm” @ best, for the most part they are a continuous stream of thoughts.

    Here is my poetry in words from thoughts unobstructived, continueis like the cirle of life and death, from every tears of sorrow to tomorrows laughters that shines like a bright sunny day, from the place you lie to rest your head to the head of your tombstone, where your borrowed vihicle remains of bones laying 6ft under and stone that tell an uncomplete story of a soul born from nothing and lives in eternity.
    Even eternity has an end, just as every law can be bend, the irony of men is never @ and end, and even if god send his only son to sing the sounds of all that is unbound to ground that man walks everyday in and out looking for something that is not often found.
    Man is forever bound to the ground he walks not because of the earth gravitional force, but by the forces that are unseen. Only the 3rd eye blind can see what is tying down to the world in which he lives, he must then keep that vision in his unconscious mind and his undying heart that is his soul and will his labor to plant a root in the ground of the earth and nurture his tree of knowledge so that one day he may climb the beanstalk to a place outside of space and time. All good things must come to an end, but who knows if the end is something even better than the good thing itself. As I fly hight above the ground my mind and thoughts are unbound, a euphoria that is deeply profound, savoring every thoughts holy to self, only to remember that the more I savor and the more i hold on to the holy for the self… the more I comedown closer and closer to the ground. All that that was holy, all in the past, all I have is now, non, now, and now… and the only thing left to do now that I am once again bound to the ground that is life…. walk… day in n out!

    All is love and all is there for the takings,
    So give….
    This is who I am,
    You are welcome to take, but please do not take anymore than what is needed.

    One love
    One truth
    Many lives….



    So I asked myself. Why do I want to share this with anyone? what is the real reason? am I sharing or am I advertising myself and if so, for what? And why?

    My answer, everything happens for a reason, however you are free to will any action. Because if there was no space and time, there would be no cause and effect. If there is no space, you are neither here or there, you just are.

    I feel the need to express, and wanting to connect.
    I have not concluded if it is bad or good. I cannot lie to myself, I feel a little bit guilty because I do feel like me wanting to share is somewhat part of the ego, that I believe… is inevitable…. furthermore, I can honestly say to myself that I have the best intentions in my and never any harm. With that said. I want to thank you for doing nothing and also for allowing me to express myself, through my words I learn more about the myself and the world.
    I would also like to learn more about you, not the characteristics of you, but the you that only you hear.
    So please comment on anything or reply with any thoughts and feelings, good or bad! Greatly appreciated.


  2. Ah, Talking2Mirrors. So much packed into your response. On one hand, the best response would be silence and the appreciation of the gift you gave us above. On the other hand, you asked for a response.

    Where to begin? Especially as I am never convinced there is any true beginning.

    How do I post consistently?

    Whim. The words never stop churning. The wonder is that I don’t glut this blog up more.

    Why don’t you blog?

    Because you will when you are ready.

    Struggle of ego:

    Yes. But I would hate, yes, hate, to see words silenced believing they all came from the ego. The Divine gave us words and sometimes when we are blessed we know when he/she has stepped in and we have stepped out. So if you don’t mind, I’m going to bypass your ego points above, because quite frankly, on a gut level, I don’t see your ego screaming out, I see sharing.

    I love stream of consciousness. I have always been convinced that somewhere in the process lies purity or truth. Very excited that you have shared your stream of consciousness poetry. When you check out the poetry page here on surface earth, that is what you will find, words untouched, save typos.

    Your words are very strong and emotive. We have read them three times over already. Feel free to clean up the format and post on our poetry page giving yourself credit please. This is an exploratory piece that incorporates so many of the daily thoughts rarely spoken about in public that ring true. Presented also with a new eye, I find this fascinating.

    The need to connect, cannot be bad, can it? Most these days seem to call it collective consciousness. I appreciate that you have thanked me for doing nothing, it is not often I get thanks for that!


    “I would also like to learn more about you, not the characteristics of you, but the you that only you hear.”
    So please comment on anything or reply with any thoughts and feelings, good or bad! Greatly appreciated.”

    I am still reflecting on your wording: share the part of me that only I can hear. Now that’s a challenge……………………

  3. You asked me in all fairness, who I was, the person no one else hears.

    I am the person who screams, who doesn’t get it. Who watches American Idol this evening to see women willing to take in orphans who have lost everthing as I sit here and give nothing.

    Are you like me?

    Do you take two dollars and stuff it in the bin at the Ronald McDonald house slots at McDonald’s? Do you overtip waitresses despite the service?

    Do you wonder as you watch how you can bear to buy another cup of coffee rather than give it to children?

    I am. I do.

    A cup of coffee is a luxury-I’ll give it up —– how about you? Every moment a child goes without, we don’t do enough. Blame it on the parents, the government, politics, blame is excuse.

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