Holding onto existence

We hold on so tightly to this earthly existence. After all, why shouldn’t we?

Yet, as I read and continue to read about different religions, spirituality, ancient thought, the existence of angels among us, etc.; I question, if we are spirits here for an earthly experience, why do we hold so tightly and fear what is beyond and for some us, fear that this is a one time only performance?


2 thoughts on “Holding onto existence

  1. Such an fascinating question, so thought provoking. I believe when we enter this world, babies and small children can still see back into the spiritual world. This ability or maybe memory fades as we grow, age and become more jaded by the physical world in which we live. There are a few genuine medium that still retain that ability. The majority of us become so absorbed in this material world our thoughts just turn to wanting more and more. We lose the ability to see past that. Many fear the loss of all they have materially gained dreading or fearing the thought of loosing it. Developing an attitude something like it is just not fair to take me now.
    Just my thoughts

  2. Do you think, in light of what you said above, that is why children are so enthusiastic about imaginary friends, worlds, lives?

    It was hard as a child growing to shrug off the parallel worlds I believed in; yet, as I grew academically and socially, no one had much time for Faeries or UFOs. So be it, I thought.

    I appreciate your thought provoking response. I wonder if you also may have a view on whether somewhere, at some point, we earthlings, had a book of knowledge, the simple truths that we have departed from?

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