Speed, Traffic & Humanity

Having spent some recent time on the New Jersey Turnpike and Parkway….I pause…and wonder if there is something we can do for each other.

No, this is not a joke on Corzine apologizing for not wearing a seat belt, but….maybe not apologizing for the excessive speed.

Rather, it is a reflection on everyday human norms.

Why, if I am driving slow in the rain because I have a fussy toddler in the backseat on my way to work do you feel the need to tag my tail end rather than waiting for the appropriate time to go around?

I do my best to keep up the “minimum” speed, which in N.J., is the maximum speed.

As I drive…and I watch you come around my tail end and then back to almost clip the front…is it because you are one of the few that have fell outside of the parameters of Six Degrees of Separation?

Suppose, I drove, yes, and gave up driving with my knees to type a blackberry message, and realized that you, like I, could be my mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, son, daughter………..what then?

Would I be more aware?

Would I realize that everytime I paid attention to the elecontronic device rather than you, I was taking a chance on your life, and thereby, on the ones that depended on you to exist to help them through this earthly experience?

If I did that, would you stop driving at 80 mph, wanting me to exit to the nearest back road and park my car and fall to my knees in search of any God that would listen?


2 thoughts on “Speed, Traffic & Humanity

  1. You know SurfaceEarth…you nailed it with this one. It’s amazing how self-centered people are when it comes to driving. One can really tell a lot about a person by the way they drive. I’m on the road many hours a day, in several different vehicles, and it’s amazing what you see on the road. Here in North Carolina, we we’re voted as one of the worst states in two categories. One for driving safety, N.C. has the worst record for accidents… and in the beautiful state of N.C. people are less likely to use a turn signal than in other states. I guess the folks here just assume that everyone just knows what they’re going to do. But I’m really tired of all of the inconsiderate, selfish people who act as though what they need to do and where they’re going is more important than what anyone else is doing. People don’t seem to realize that a vehicle can be a deadly weapon, and it can kill if it’s not used with caution. I’ve been driving for 22 years, and have never had an at fault accident, never had a speeding ticket, or traffic violation of any kind. (oops, where’s some wood I can knock on, quick?) I’m proud of that. Not to say I haven’t made mistakes, we all do…but one does not get that kind of record by accident. Not only in driving, but in life we need to pay attention to our fellow traveler’s…pull our heads out of our own a**es, and realize we are not the center of the universe. Thanks for the space to rant!

  2. Coffeegrounds, it is clear that you are a better driver than I am now or ever was. Kudos.

    I do think the road is a reflection of how we treat each other in all other avenues of life.

    It amazes me how we put so much trust in each other, throwing ourselves into these hulking metal contraptions, pushing down onto a system of combustible materials, careening toward one another, passing, sometimes within inches of each other at sixty miles an hour or more.

    What are we thinking?

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