Abducted Children

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May 11, 2007:

The original post follows below as well as the compassionate comments of readers praying, hoping and wishing for the return of this young girl to her family. In the meantime, for those of you still hoping, wishing and thinking of the truly unfortunate calamity that blindsided this family, I have provided more recent news at the top. For those looking for further background or the original post information, scroll down…………

BreakingNews.ie reports:

Police stress ‘no suspicions’ on McCann family.

Police searching for missing three-year-old Madeleine McCann tonight confirmed that family members and friends had been interviewed again today, but emphasised: “There are no suspicions upon them.”

In a statement the police also confirmed that CCTV images had been collected in several locations and have been looked at to check possible leads.

The statement issued by Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa said that there had been no arrests either in Portugal or abroad.

The statement added that ‘countless’ hypotheses flowing out of information which has arrived into the PJ each day continued to be checked.

It said that the searches were continuing with around 150 people involved each day.

It added that more than 200 kilometres square had now been searched more than once.”.

There are many differences of opinion. I found yet another right now on More A Way of Life who of course raises a question in many of our minds whether we want it to be present, it was the parents’ fault somehow, yes? The author raises a pertinent analogy, suppose something had happened to the family’s children because there was a fire in the hotel and no parent was present to assist? The author of More A Way of Life points out in that case the parents would be hounded by the media and/or charged with negligence. In our society, this point is a valid one. Here though, it is apparent, there is someone else to blame so it does not seem the media will go in that direction.

I wonder at the sliding scale of morality. It’s ok for me to stand at the edge of the yard, 50 yards from my front door, another 20 from where my child lies napping…how do I know someone has not come in the back window or door? (Yes, this depsite the fact that most likely they would all be locked as precaution). Suppose something happened, would I be negligent?

In my heart I would, if something happens to our child, we always feel at fault to some degree. Another child taunts them, our child cries, we didn’t teach them to be more socially acceptable or to be stronger not to be hurt by the words, etc.

A very light example, but viable…….where do the shades of morality begin and end?

I simply have no desire to judge this family, believing that positive thinking and prayer hold greater strength than negativity, gossip and judgment. And yes, I say this realizing many millions of prayers remain unanswered to our knowledge day in and day out. But some do get answered, maybe this one could too.


Unusually quiet today, I found there was little I wanted to type or say.

Taking a break from work, I checked out a horoscope site I like, Jonathan Cainer’s site, and saw a picture of a young girl, but quickly clicked away to my horoscope. I barely read my horoscope when I felt compelled to click back to the girl. This is what I found, that I didn’t know, that many of you probably do…a young girl was abducted while on a family holiday in Portugal. Her eyes from the photograph on this site are haunting me.

There is so much atrocity in the world, but I cannot begin to imagine, someone else taking your child.

Just today, I cut out the protective corners around the updated photos of my children to use in the event of abduction, complimentary snapshots with information as to what to do in the event of abduction, provided by the schools. I looked at my children in those photos and saw their beauty and wondered at the sickness in the world that would want to do anything but let them live unspoiled with their families.

The man who runs the horoscope site said that maybe when all else fails, (paraphrased), prayers can work.

I’m praying then, I am praying, this beautiful child is returned unharmed.

Madeleine McCann, abducted on holiday in Portugal

Like every other parent on the planet, I am deeply concerned about poor little Madeleine. I have been making astrological inquiries this weekend. So far, the charts confirm much of what already seems to be known but reveal little new that might be of use. I usually find that, when a horoscope appears unhelpful, it is because it relates to a situation that can turn on a sixpence in an instant. Whenever we face such circumstances, we also enter a realm where prayers and positive wishes can make a big difference. I’m sending all my love to all involved.”

Source above, Jon Cainer’s horoscope.

BBC Reports:


Toddler ‘abducted’ during holiday

Madeleine McCann

Madeleine disappeared while her parents were at a nearby restaurant

Sniffer dogs have been brought in to help search for a three-year-old from Britain who may have been abducted on holiday with her family in Portugal. Madeleine McCann’s parents, from Leicestershire, were at a restaurant near the Mark Warner Ocean Summer Club in Praia da Luz when she went missing.

Kate and Gerry McCann returned at about 2145 GMT to find an empty bed and the apartment door and window wide open.

The apartment has been cordoned off and local people are helping with a search.

‘Devoted family’

Gill Renwick, a friend of the family, said Madeleine’s parents – both doctors – had been having a meal in a tapas restaurant a few hundred yards from the apartment and had been checking on the little girl and her younger brother and sister (two-year-old twins) every half hour.

“They’re a devoted family and love their children to bits. They live for their children.”

Madeleine was reported missing at about 2200 BST on Thursday and tourists joined the police in an all-night search.

McCann family

The McCann family had been holidaying with a larger group

Her aunt Trish Cameron, who lives in Glasgow, said she felt certain her niece had been abducted.

“They last checked at half past nine and they were all sound asleep, sleeping, windows shut, shutters shut.

“Kate went back at 10 o’clock to check. The front door was lying open, the window had been tampered with, the shutters had been jemmied open or whatever you call it and Madeleine was missing…

“She’s an absolutely beautiful, wee blonde girl, blue-green eyes – one distinguishing feature is that one of her pupils runs into the iris of her right eyes. She’s an absolutely gorgeous wee girl.”

She added: “We feel that what’s been going on in Portugal has been ineffectual.

“My brother and sister-in-law are absolutely distraught.”

But the manager of the Mark Warner resort in Portugal, John Hill, said about 60 staff and guests at the complex had searched until 0430 GMT while police notified border police, Spanish police and airports.

Officers sealed off the area of the apartment for forensic checks and extra police teams were brought in from Lisbon.

‘Sensitive case’

“As you can imagine Madeleine’s parents are distraught and not doing very well at all,” Mr Hill said.

“It’s still questionable as to whether it’s abduction,” he said.

“We are hoping that Madeleine is found as soon as possible and safe and well.”

Map of Praia da Luz

The holiday firm has offered to fly other family members out to the resort.

A spokeswoman from the Portuguese police said they were being careful with the information being released.

“It is a sensitive case, it involves a child and we cannot give more information for now.”

The British Embassy confirmed it had been informed about the toddler’s disappearance.

The family was on holiday with a group of nine adults and eight children.

The toddler’s father is a consultant cardiologist at Leicester’s Glenfield Hospital.

Doug Skehan, another consultant cardiologist there, said: “(Dr McGann) is a popular hard working colleague, for whom we have great affection.

“The mood in the hospital is one of great concern and we hope that Kate and Gerry will have their daughter back very soon.”

Many of you out there, may say, what were you thinking? I wouldn’t leave my kid ten feet away, let alone a “few hundred yards”, but that would be beyond the point, right now, wouldn’t it?

Another report from Reuters states the couple were 50 meters away and there were signs of a forced entry into where they young girl and her twin siblings were sleeping.

I can believe, I cannot believe, I can read scientific studies, only some mind you, that refute the power of prayer. Right now I’m thinking, it’s worth a shot, why not pray with us?

Further resources:


The Observer


BBC News: May 6, 2007


NZ Herald


May 7, 2007:


United Press International: The Washington Times

News Monsters & Critics

News Monsters & Critics, additional article

Breaking News.ie



The more I read the less I can post, as much as I wanted to give you further updates.


Is there one certifiable psychic out there that can track this girl and get her back to her family?

Page two of today, May 7th’s Reuter’s article, contains a link to a video of the prayers that the family joined in with thousands of others praying with them. If you watch the video, use the deepest part of yourself to pray along.


May 8th: Missingchild.wordpress.com


May 9th: Journals UK: Even More Unpopular Views


The author of the post above has written what I wanted to but could not articulate. Haven’t many of us parents and/or sitters done what the McGann family has done? Been lulled into a false sense of security…and yes, I recognize many of you may say…what false sense of security…they simply didn’t care. I have to be honest, I’m not much interested in exploring that position, I prefer to believe that this family did in fact love its children and did feel it was safe to leave them sleeping 50 or 100 yards away.


Does it matter whether I as a parent would have done it or not?




I believe as the author above in the link provided stated, that there are many ways, conscious or not, where many of us, could have been victims of fate. A stroller next to us; yet, absorbed by the cell phone conversation; a resistant weed bed in the ground, believing we were safe in the garden or yard with our beautiful child “not far” from us….the examples would exhaust me to provide. For any of those out there that wish to condemn these parents, search yourselves with the best part of you and see….could it have been you, but under “slightly” different circumstances?


Convert that judgment to prayers or warm wishes or hope for this little girl and her family, and let that same energy embrace all others similarly afflicted.







9 thoughts on “Abducted Children

  1. I can see by the news that the Mcganns are a devoted family, but I cannot see why on earth they would ever go out and leave their children alone. We go abroad every year to ‘safe’ child-friendly resorts but never would I be tempted to leave them. Not just the presence of horrible, dangerous people who are everywhere (even in nice child-friendly areas) are a threat but the risk of the child waking up and getting a knife out of the cutlery drawer, turning a button on the cooker, opening a window and falling, smashing their heads open on the hard tiled floor etc. I’m really sorry for them and I would sell my soul at this moment to get little Madeline back, but never should a child be left, not by Doctors and not by single Mums from housing estates, not by anyone

  2. Oh sweet Jesus…this is horrible on so many levels. I, too, add my prayers for this little girls safe return. I have a sense of forboding, however, I will pray. I also pray for her parents – they are probably experiencing such guilt right now, over something that seemed so innocent and safe.

  3. Heather: I understand your sentiment. There are times I have gone outside to sit on the step or out in the yard and wonder if I have travelled too far when a toddler is asleep. I don’t know…maybe they had been there for a few days and felt a peace and comfort…maybe that is how they and everyone else raise their children…so many different conjectures. I know that I don’t want to begin to imagine their anguish and do wish so much to believe that the more good thoughts, prayers and pleadings to the Universe, will return that young girl home safely to her family.

    Grace: Oh Sweet Jesus indeed. I find what that family and child are going through sickening. It is always our worst fear as parents, so many close calls we all have, some we are aware of, others, thanks to luck, guardian angels or whatever you want to call, we may never be aware of.

  4. My prayers are out there, too, for this
    innocent little child.

    Ultimately, her fate lies in someone else’s
    hands. I hope they are loving hands, understanding hands,
    hands that know no harm and that offer no evil.

    I guess I am hoping that she was taken by someone
    who has lost their own child, perhaps.. a person
    who does not know right from wrong, because of some
    tragedy they have experienced.

    I just hope that whatever has happened to her
    and wherever she is, she has not been and will
    not be harmed.

    Despair offers a sense of being unerved, doesn’t it..
    of being ‘lost’ almost, and helpless.

    You are in every one’s thoughts, little Maddy..
    keep strong. I pray you a safe journey home,
    little one.

  5. it’s about hope, isn’t it?

    We pray in order to sustain hope, to believe, to close our eyes to the tragedies, we pray for this young little girl, and yet, I am grossly aware of how many other tragedies and atrocities surround us and spring up anew moment by moment.

    Are we selfish to pray only for this little girl, or do our prayers become deposited into a ground swell of collective consciousness?

    I understand why people lose faith in God.

    It is so very easy to become damaged, irreparably injured and to say no God could ever allow this. Many times I agree. Other times, I sit on a seesaw in where I perceive God has granted us free will and we must own the society and world we created in order to step into a better Universe.

    In other words, I don’t have a clue, I just know that I must not give up hope, because no one has yet disproved the power of prayer.

    Peace Laura.

  6. I’m trying to do my household stuff, washing, cleaning, you know… but I keep coming back to my bedroom to sit quietly and check on the computer if there’s any news of Madeleine.

    My little girl is three. I couldn’t live without her. And yes, I’ve taken chances that I think we all do. I don’t want to live in a world ruled by that kind of fear. If she’s out of sight for a moment I don’t panic. I’ve left her in a hotel room in a lovely hotel with the door open and I’ve sat in the hotel dining room and eaten a beautiful meal. I’ve returned to my room to her sleeping angelic face. It should be ok to do that. It isn’t anymore.

    I’m really struggling with the disappearance of Madeleine. I’m truly desperate to see her reuinted with her family. I cry a lot and I lie awake at night trying to send her strength and love.

    I suppose I am praying, even though I do not know who to.

    No matter where she is and who she is with, millions of us want to see her returned. That is all that matters. Is it possible for the authorities to promise that charges will not be pressed if she is returned? Is it possible to pledge a phenominal sum of money for her return? I’m sure millions could be raised if it was needed.

    If it was possible to take her it is possible to bring her back.

    Babies and children of the world, I love you. I love you little Madeleine and I love my little girl even more because of you.

    Your beautiful face has changed the world. The innocence that we all see in your eyes is creating so much love in the world.

    Maybe little Madeleine you have already saved many lives, you have made mine better, deeper and stronger. Maybe you were sent to teach us all to love a little better.

    Please let Madeleine go home to her family.

    warmth and love to all of you.

  7. Laura:

    You wrote above:

    “My little girl is three. I couldn’t live without her. And yes, I’ve taken chances that I think we all do. I don’t want to live in a world ruled by that kind of fear. If she’s out of sight for a moment I don’t panic. I’ve left her in a hotel room in a lovely hotel with the door open and I’ve sat in the hotel dining room and eaten a beautiful meal. I’ve returned to my room to her sleeping angelic face. It should be ok to do that. It isn’t anymore.”

    You are so very correct, it should be ok, but it isn’t anymore. How very funny, I am playing Pandora Music online, and as I started to type this note to you, Kelly Clarkson, “Because of You”, began to play…”Because of you, I never strayed too far from the sidewalk…Because of you, I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt…Because of you, I find it hard to trust………..Because of you,I am afraid…”.

    Therein lies the dilemma. How do we preach safety, instill fear, teach courage and allow our children to not be afraid? Some may say by letting go in moments, trusting selected moments to not surround our children in the contagious fear of the bad others…after all…aren’t there incredible humans also? Do we teach them to become locked, wrapped in fear of each moment they breath, or do we give it up to God, the Universe, whoever you choose, and let them grow? Now I know there may be some that read this and say, no, never, not at three…and that’s fine…but each expression we wear on our faces, each time we clutch our child’s hand out of our fear, not theirs, each moment, we are teaching and they are learning.

    There are no real rules. Many who may condemn this family, may be doing other things, different shades of grey, that given the right or wrong formula, could lead to disaster.

    Laura, it seems to me, your compassion is genuine because you recognize the human element of the situation and choose not to sit in jugdment.

    Namaste. I join your prayers/words/whatever you call them.

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