Afternoon to Evening Light

If I had a choice, I would remain within the afternoon light, the moments that remain in the sky before full evening, bright enough to be daylight; yet, not glaring into the room…filtered, soft, casting dimensions of leaves across the teal spun walls

I would stay here and never enter into night again

When did night hold promise and not fear?

As a child awaiting the fireworks, secure within my place in the world, afterthought, nowhere else to go

no way to reach beyond where you are, child, so the obligation to continue, as if, never yet arose

you could be mad, angry, sad, frustrated, violated

the dimensions, parameters remained fixed

You did not realize you had the obligation,

the duty,

to look for a new place to be.

I wouldn’t now have given up morning…

the safety at the end of the night, the beginning of dawn of the sun rising yet again.

The safety brought when the dark bowed again to the light, enveloping…allowing us to see.

If we knew of vision that would make the nightime clear,

would we have sat upon it,

for profit?

Would it have been so oppressive, so fearsome, perhaps,

a slightly different,


a different hue,

but not within a canvas,

so saturated in color,

there was nothing left to see?


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