Hello World

Hi. I’m just one voice like yours.

Slightly different with similarities.

I’m wondering something very basic.

Why do we all stand still and allow the world to be what it is?

I don’t do anything, mind you, I don’t picket, send letters to Congress, yell at the Pope.

I sit and think.

How about you?

What do you do?

Anything the rest of us might join in on?


3 thoughts on “Hello World

  1. i try to SHINE ON people. splatter them with unadulterated unconditional love, just because they are alive and in my moment. it’s the please and thank you’s and smiles and head nods that, to me, make a difference. we are all sometimes on the verge of a breakdown. sometimes all it takes is one thing, or person, or experience that makes us see things in a different light. that’s my goal. to be the instigator towards a more hopeful perspective for someone, sometime.

  2. great question! I’ve had to sit and ponder this one for a moment. When I was little, I wanted to take on the world. I thought I could help rid the world of its’ evil. HA! Little did I know. I decided to take on kids instead. But even that is not going well. Lately, my life is in complete chaos. Don’t even feel like taking on myself. I think we all do whatever part we feel we can handle at that given moment. But in all honesty, the world would be at least a little bit better if everyone would take care of themselves, being the best they can possibly be, don’t you think?

  3. Jessica: what a joyful comment. what a way to be refreshed. yes, to bring unconditional love to those we don’t know…I do that too, in traffic, I flash my highbeams to let an 18 wheeler know, don’t stress, cut ahead of me, it’s ok, I’m looking too. I smile at the people looking for the right change in their pockets in the line before me. But I thank you to make me remember the worth of these moments.

    Coffeegrounds: you think you have to think about my posts? I’m still over one week out pondering yours….judgment is the moments between true breath…the moments when we are less than what we wish. Namaste.

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