did you ever,

did you ever wonder,


what the ones who know you,

would do with the one you are?

I have,

I do.

I type to music,

the tempo creates,

the words I shape on the page,

it is never just verbal import,

it is melody,

it is color,

it is the spaces in between.

It is too many



dropped within the same glass,

what is it you


to hear?

btw: I refuse to tag surf this piece.


3 thoughts on “Wonder,

  1. I understand
    Well I think I do.
    I like to fall asleep to music.
    Head phones on.
    Just laud enough to drown out the noise
    The ambient sounds of the world around me.
    But more so,
    It’s to drown out the noise inside my head
    The noise that I don’t want hears anymore.
    It’s surprising how quiet the world is,
    when all you can hear is the noise you choose.
    What a feeling of control that is!
    I can’t even hear myself breath.
    Does this make me crazy I wonder?
    But isn’t this better than drinking myself to sleep?
    Or is it any different?
    Why am I posting this?
    It’s the music of course,
    But you already guessed that.

  2. It’s weird how we think we know someone. When we think about the people who know us, we realize that they really don’t know us as well as they think they do. So, it would make sense that we don’t always know others as well as we think we do. Even people who are surrounded by people, and have the dearest, closest friends are still loners to an extent. People are weird that way. Thanks for the post…it really got me thinking.

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