Madeline, Little Lost Girl, Portugal

Update:  June 13, 2007: News

Updated: May 29, 2007

Bring Madeleine Home

Because I can’t possibly say it any better, because I am a mother that would lose her breath rather than losing one of her own, or in the tragic event, that the world would deal me those cards, I quote from what I found tonight, because they say it better…

Update: May 15th: CNN

Question: have we forgotten how to pray correctly? I understand why some people lose faith.


16 thoughts on “Madeline, Little Lost Girl, Portugal

  1. That’s it Michelle. I cannot even begin to fathom, I know how it felt, how my world stopped, there was no air when I couldn’t find my toddler in the store years ago when she had been right next to me. I could barely survive that for a moment, I don’t know how anyone can get up day after day and breath.

  2. I am so sorry to the people out there who are related to this little girl i hope they find her for her sake and her parents it must be awful for that little girl to be sat there she ight even be going through pain and hunger if that little girl dosent get found i dont no what the world will do if your in portugal please search your sweat and blood to find this little girl i am so upset how a man/women could take this little girl please please keep searching!!

  3. This is an awful story! And being a mother I can’t stand how it would feel! We are praying and praying and praying for her family!

  4. I just pray and pray and pray that little Madeline will be found, even if the worst has happened. Their parents need to know what has happened. I feel so sorry for them.

  5. Please God save this one(Madeline). If this earth cant correct its human dark element of behavior I wish for God to destroy us all and start over.

  6. Our hearts break everytime we see the parents. How is it possible to go on breathing? By praying for Madeline, we pray for all children, because children are and can only be innocent, and yet, we open the paper and see the children in Iraq, Palestine, Dafur, and yes, America, and it is horribly upsetting how the children sent here to teach us new things, good things, are so horribly mistreated.

  7. please find madeleine the cutest angel on earth we all can give money to find this angel. please whoever has her just give this angel to her parents just do yourself instead of her parents and feel what they feel. find her. find her. please!!!!

  8. I am sure Madeline parents know where she is..
    2 doctors both with high wages they leave her daughter alone with the window open…they could easily pay a babysitter…….those 2 have fooled the world a paid their mortgage with their supporters money…I am the most irresponsibile person in the world but I know I would not ever leave my child alone anywhere whatsofever..2 doctors did not think for a minute about the danger of it……..camon lets be realistic here..sorry If I upset some1 with this messagge but i cant help thinking about that girl and their irresponsibile behaviuor of her doctors parents…it does not add up..

  9. i have no idea where she is i am very sorry for the relitifs she is in very bad danger out there on her own!

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