Women, Girls…Honor Killings, Honor Suicides and Hypocrisy

I like to read.  There is not much I will not read.  I prefer books to conversation and even magazines.  If you met me in person, you may find me oddly quiet.

I have little prejudice in what I read and admire Danielle Steele as I admire the Harry Potter series as I admire religious and spiritual writings as I admire certain books on the cultures and humanity of the world.

With that said, I read a piece in Marie Claire, June 2007 edition, entitled “Kill Yourself, or your family will kill you.”, by Jan Goodwin and photography by France Keyser, beginning at page 155 of the printed version.

Now, I don’t know what the author or photographer wanted to convey about the state of females in Turkey, but this is what I came away with………

1.  Honor killings have decreased, from a reporting perspective, since Turkey’s efforts to join the European Union; and

2.  Honor Suicides are on the rise; and

3.  It takes little to be encouraged, or would that be threatened, to kill oneself to restore a family’s honor (Now, I am confused how any type of killing restores honor, however…..); and

4.  It can be Western Dress, texting a “boyfriend”, marrying for love rather than within the family’s choice.

There is apparently a resurgence of women wearing headscarves at the same time the wearing of same is outlawed at universities and government offices.

Honor killings are now punishable by life in prison.

Virginity tests in school were recently outlawed.

It is easier to obtain access to an abortion than it is in America.

Turkey elected a female prime minister in 1993.  Hello, America, land of the free?

At any rate, it is horrifying to see what families will do to themselves, their females because of ego, because of confusion, because of pre-determined beliefs which fashion themselves as conflicting morals.

I see within this article many advancements for “women” not afforded in America.  And I see, cloaked within certain religious belief within our own country, reactions, treatments, consequences that cannot really differ as to women.

We sit and judge Turkey, and yes, I do too; but how different are we?


2 thoughts on “Women, Girls…Honor Killings, Honor Suicides and Hypocrisy

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