Today’s Thought: The effect of positive thought

Welcome to the Earth, where we do things our way.

Trouble is…many of us don’t know why we do most of the things we do at all.

Today, on Ronnie’s Out of My Head Blog she asks what should be a simple question: what would happen, if for a day, we stopped our normal behaviors and instead turned toward loving kindness and healing?

I’m still pondering her thoughts…here, take a peek of just a few of her thoughts on this matter and let us know what you think………….

“Why Vote for the Worst Bugs Me So Much

May 19th, 2007 by Ronnie Ann

I just wrote about this in a comment and wanted to share it with all of you. This is about something far more important than just television. It’s about where we put our energy.

Do we use it to build wonderful things that help heal and provide joy or do we use it in a negative way, tearing down the efforts of others? Although clearly acting as the spoiler for American Idol has been entertaining to the creators and friends of Vote for the Worst, it’s still working on negative energy since it spoils the fun for so many others.

I always wonder what kind of world we’d have if everyone – for just one day – put their energy toward loving each other – loving all mankind – and healing the planet. I know that’s corny, but damn it…just imagine! As John Lennon said:

“Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one.”

Do we always have to be doing things that take away from others? Can’t we stop being so self-absorbed and short-sighted and instead think about how our actions affect others – and even how aiming our actions toward the negative affects who we are as people?”

Perplexing isn’t it? And that is just a part of her longer post. Why should a thought so forthright and so “right” take so much thought to figure out how to kick it into existence?


3 thoughts on “Today’s Thought: The effect of positive thought

  1. Just today I was waiting in line at a convenience store. A woman walked in and stood beside/in front of me. Two cashiers were behind the counter, one a tall young woman with a ton of spunk and style, and a rather shy, short boy, nervously making mistakes on his register that the other cashier was getting frustrated by. The customer they were dealing with was giving them both a hard time, about who knows what, and when the female cashier became available, the woman who came in after me, stepped up to the counter like she owned the place. I stood still, watched her go ahead of me, and the cashier made eye contact with me, like “I caught that” and I just shrugged and smiled like “oh well!” – I really didn’t care at all. The boy became available and he gave me the biggest smile and greeting. I asked for some matches and he gave me a handful asking “is that enough? Do you need more?” overly eager to please me. We had a pleasant exchange and I left the building whistling a happy tune.

    These are the every day experiences that I cherish. Opportunities to show people another way, another response. I could read the female cashier’s mind when that woman stepped in front of me. She was disgusted, but not surprised, let down by the constant stream of humanity she serves all day at the gas station. People that can bark impatient commands at her, or give her a hard time about a price she has nothing to do with, or hover around and annoy her, endlessly returning for more and more scratch cards. And then this seemingly sweet old lady turns out to be a rude obvious line-cutter and it’s the last straw.

    For me walking into that scene and observing it all, I cherished the opportunity of infusing kindness into the situation. I like when I feel that an act of kindness on my part shifting a person’s energy/mood/vibes. It’s such a rush and I think of it as not some task, but a pleasure – a good feeling that keeps on giving.

    This isn’t to say I always act like this. I have my moments, times when I’m impatient or frustrated. I like myself a billion times better on days like this, though. It makes me feel so ALIVE to live like this – in kindness, peace and joy. In compassion for others and patience. For accepting even the downers and the rude with a loving mental embrace, thinking “you have your reasons” and crossing my fingers that maybe just maybe a little of my joy will rub off on them. If not, it’s ok. I won’t let it ruin my day or mood or anything. Life is good. And being a good person while you’re alive feels really, really good.

    I shared this story because that’s what I thought about when I read your words and Ronnie’s words. It starts with yourself. That’s the only way anyone to change the world. Each one of us that is out there is a living example of how to be kind, and what the advantage is to doing so! Look at our grins, feel our calm and uplifting vibes, it’s infectious in the best of ways. Be it, live it, others will notice.


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