Ubuntu: Desmond Tutu & Brad Pitt

Recently I came across the word Ubuntu.

The word intrigued me as much as the word Namaste intrigues me.

Synchronicity lead me to buy the latest Vanity Fair Magazine, highlighting different people and their efforts in Africa. Within that magazine was a conversation between Desmond Mpilo Tutu, the archbishop emeritus of Cape Town, South Africa, and Brad Pitt, the well known actor, and now well recognized humanitarian.

I first read the article regarding Jeffrey Sachs, entitled Jeffrey Sachs’s $200 Billion Dream, by Nina Munk. I wasn’t simply enthralled with the intelligence that lead to the ability to create and foster both dreams and a realized reality for others, I was left in a state of incomprehension by the tenacity, the sheer perseverence of the mission Mr. Sachs, his family, people working with him, and countless others exhibit. I have a dream, it’s a smaller one, called surface earth, the zipcode exchange: the intent is to create a web, beginning within a single community, then spanning silken strands, community by community, until no person or no part of this Earth is left untouched, people helping others, constantly, as a natural way of life, a readjustment. I am still working on my matrix, whereas Mr. Sachs has run with his.

I continued reading on….

From the table of contents on Vanity Fair Online you can see:

THE TUTU CONNECTION Archbishop Desmond Tutu won the Nobel Peace Prize for opposing apartheid in South Africa. Talking with Brad Pitt, he explains why the fight for equality must go global. Photographs by Annie Leibovitz”.

I, however, have the print edition because I prefer in many ways, the printed page. I was wildly pleased when I began the article at page 96, to see within the fifth exchange the following:

Brad Pitt: What is this concept of Ubuntu I keep reading about?

Desmond Tutu: Ubuntu is the essence of being human. And in our language a person is ubuntu, and ubuntu is a noun to speak about what it means to be human. In essence, it is something that you find especially in the Old Testament, where you’re not quite sure sometimes-when you are reading, say the Psalms-whether the Psalm is speaking, where it says, ‘I,’ only of an individual, or is it speaking in a corporate sense? We say a person is a person through other persons. You can’t be human in isolation. You are human only in relationships.

Brad Pitt: So that speaks to our interconnectedness.

Desmond Tutu: We are interconnected………………….

Normally, I would go on, type more of the article, the exchange, but some things must be made palpable, must be received through sensory perceptions, since we so long ago closed off other means of perception…read the article, in fact, read the entire magazine.

I am convinced – Ubuntu – is not just a beautiful word that sings without need for comprehension, Ubuntu is also a journey.



11 thoughts on “Ubuntu: Desmond Tutu & Brad Pitt

  1. Surface,
    I have that magazine but have not read it cover to cover yet. But it’s interesting you bring this up, because some of the move in today’s society is toward individualism (i.e. those of us who’ve left corporate church), yet, in the latest WIE (What is Enlightenment) magazine, the whole latest issue is dedicated to this idea of interconnectedness and community. Now that we are moving “away” from this type of community in Christianity, how are we supposed to move toward it again with trust? Your thoughts?

  2. Mystery, thank you for honoring us with your thoughts. We check your site almost daily for infusion of unrehearsed thoughts.
    Number 1: collision of heart and mind is what we consider namaste, it is typing and coordinating without thought, allowing the higher source to decide, so, welcome.
    Number 2: Ubuntu. The word alone makes me want to dance. Ubuntu. What more can we do? We? Yes, there is a slithering away from corporate religion, for more reasons than I can pretend to know or speculate in regard to, I remember the last time I willingly went to church when the sweet, lovely Father disparaged the gay community, and it saddened me so, I could no longer wake up long before the rest of my family to use that time to commune with God because I became convinced God could not be in that well built structure.
    I think it is easy to embrace and love and trust the interconnectedness of humans without any agenda but for the one they live, out under the harsh Sun, worshiping God or a nameless God, but yet, toiling for their fellow humans. Humans. The word does have a meaning, it is not divorced or brought down in degree depending upon where we stand, it remains absolute, undeliverable, unalienable…it remains……….true.

  3. SE,
    WOW. I never thought about my blogging as “allowing the higher source to decide.” I always assumed I was being very erratic in my thinking. I suppose it’s more thinking out loud than a reasoned, well-thought out entry, although I aspire to such.

    Your wisdom is daunting. I love the image you engender: “tilling under the harsh Sun” for our fellow humans. What a play on words: The religion of the “Son” has indeed become harsh, unforgiving, and dead. Yet life will find a way.


  4. heres for thinking out the box!
    both those punks are zionist puppets! just from
    2 totally different sides of the spectrum, coming
    together in a ridiculous million dollar photo shoot by the
    hahahah ubuntu, to me, a real south african and
    majority of others dont even know what that
    means because it probably still has
    be introduced here believe it or not.
    which tells me alot, that we south africans like
    many other nations are in the dark that we are
    victims to a globalist agenda which really is
    zionist in all forms. tutu and pitt talk of
    ubuntu or interconectedness, come to S.A. and look
    for this “ubuntu” you will only seen an ever
    growing gap between the rich and poor, the
    poverty stricken being more than half the population.
    and being terrorised by crime and corruption.
    its sickening to watch….

    visit iamthewitness.com

  5. Thanks for stopping by….it appears you have strong feelings regarding the media coverage in the Vanity Fair article. Unfortunately, I am not certain I follow your message. On the one hand, you seem to take issue with how certain issues in Africa are being presented and with the people presenting the issues. On the other hand, you seem to want to impart a greater knowledge to us as readers/media viewers and I am afraid I may not have fully comprehended your message.

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  7. Amber:

    Thank you, we are there, checking the link and reading same. I am because you are, it is an awesome thought for most of us.

    Peace Amber, and keep sharing.

    Surface Earth

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