The Beginner’s Quest to Deeksha

13 Graces

posted a piece, entitled “One More Time” and wrote about a process of enlightenment called Deeksah.

I gravitated toward this immediately and 13 Graces was kind enough to guide us in our beginning path.

It is said that upon reaching a number of 64,000 enlightened human beings, our world will not only stand a chance, but will step into the prophesied Golden Age.

I am at a loss to fully understand the process of Deeksha, but here is what I know so far…

1. You can be who you are

2. Your only goal need be enlightenment of yourself and others

3. You need not give up yourself or your proscribed religious path

4. There is a chance for humanity.

Now, I am on the learning curve here, being a spiritual seeker, I will continue to find out more…in the meantime, go check out 13 Graces’ post…she has some good resources to get you started.




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