Humanity’s Lottery

I found myself today at crossroads. Literally and figuratively. You didn’t need me to point that out, did you?

Regardless, I sat in a meeting, an effort to resolve outstanding and conflicting issues and sides and found myself “emotional”. I was so upset over the lack of morality, lack of humanity presented by the opposing side that I didn’t even know what to do, how to conduct myself.

It was the big man, the wealthy, trumping the poor, or the middle class poor, simply because they knew it was their best bargaining chip. I wanted to scream, of course I didn’t, but I gladly would have, I wanted to ask them, do you look in the mirror? And you, over there, in the fresh pressed suit, fighting the flu, head in your hands, do you ever wonder that your immune system is depressed because your soul is fighting to get out?

Never mind, as always I digress in this long battle not to judge, but boy oh boy…..

So I wonder, what would happen if at the end of each day we had to score ourselves on the level of humanity we each expressed each day and we did this believing the scorecard was just as important as a winning lottery ticket?


11 thoughts on “Humanity’s Lottery

  1. I hear you – been there, done that. I wouldn’t be surprised if that “big man” did, as you said, score himself on his level of humanity today. Of course, like all of us, his value proposition is shaped by his perceptions, experiences and needs. Ted Bundy, an intelligent and articulate man, had a value proposition. Luckily for humanity, his fell off the end of the value proposition bell curve for the rest of humanity, at least some of us were saved from him..

  2. Scoring ourselves??? Oh wow…LOL Quite the proposition, S.E.! I had two thoughts, one immediately following the other.

    1. People would score themselves ‘better’ than they actually did.

    2. People would score themselves ‘worse’ than they actually did.

    Hummm…. it’s hard to be totally objective. Seeing “What Is REAL” is very often a matter of perspective and perception.

  3. Thanks for the comments! I agree Carl, perception changes reality, I just don’t know how we can all get on the same page so our world improves. Grace! What an insightful point, I think you nailed it, the scoring would be a reflection, again based on perception and perceived/consequential reality.

    Ah…back to the drawing board…………….

  4. We have to realize we’re actually the same! It seems so difficult, but if we just take that first step…

    Love your site btw!

  5. That simple comment Sibia, contains so much wisdom. Looking at my post, that is the missing ingredient, I came from a place where I let go of the commonality which then equaled frustration.

  6. So refreshing to read your take on things, SurfaceEarth. We hear about people getting screwed all the time in big business deals. And we hear about the more powerful stepping on the wants and rights of those less powerful – especially when there is so much money to be made. I always wonder if there is any feeling of outrage behind the faces of those involved on the business end. Yes there is commonality in all of us…but more hopeful for me is knowing there was someone in the room on this day who really cares.

    Crossroads are very exciting by the way. New directions open up and our heart point us where we might like to go.

  7. Ronnie:
    Yes, I want to see the commonality, but sometimes, to do so, I must digress, my famous line when I speak with you. But seriously, I must allow the commonality to trump what is the adjusted, adjusted being the balance, the justice, what we as attorneys take an oath in regard to….to serve justice, Lady Justice, blindfolded, as the paramount goal. Not billables, not giving clients what they want to hear, giving what in one own’s small perception must be heard.
    In this case, it was a mega millionaire on one side crushing the ants under foot and I could not, would not, be a part of it.
    A lack of money, a lack of of political power does not minimize humanity and the humanity of self.
    Anyone that could be a party to doing less than what is just, in my small mind, is simply not evolved, so why should I justify their behavior? why should I seek the commonality unless it is to balance the scales, and use that stretch to commonality to again balance the scales?
    I ask again, do they not have to look in the mirror and see that the gum they scraped off their soles is not mere trash, but true, live, loving, breathing humanity?
    Because I can’t live without seeing it. And if that makes me less than a stellar attorney in the year 2007, they can take my license and I will willingly wrap it up, but I will not, will not sit and watch those with alleged power step on those seemingly without.
    Ok, breathing again, thanks Ronnie.

  8. Thank you for your generous comment Ronnie!

    I have thought more about this post, the comments, and our exchanges.

    It seems to me, if I were to arrive at a solid place, a more central foundation, the response of others would not matter, I would simply act as I act, believe what I believe, seek what I seek, etc.

  9. A humanity score card! Wow. If I can bear the
    brutal honesty, I will begin mine today. It’s
    worth bearing. Why not make it a meme? I’ve
    caught it and will pass it forward.

    I often feel crushed by the gross
    inhumanities we are deluged with every day
    in the media, and many times in our familial,
    professional, communal, or religious

    It can be profoundly dispiriting and this is
    where, how, and why a humanity score card is
    needed even by those of us who are attuned to,
    or have experienced the many faces of
    inhumanity and the savage injustices.

  10. Oh, I’m not sure how I will do either, as my blog develops, I’ll have a section for that so it can be pasted and copied in my points of peace section (ahem, under development!)

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