Question: Elections 2008, Presidential Candidates

Why are we even considering electing anyone that is less than diplomatic?

Is it really funny that people we would choose to lead our country, affect not only our country’s, but other countries’ children and families…stoop to barbs?

See, I’m simply confused.

If you have something meritorious to say, can’t it stand on its own without sarcasm?

I want to elect a leader that does not resort to such games. Let him or her then serve as a leader, an example, to all the lower levels of government, and to our children, the future leaders.

Is that too simple?

The big joke now is the young lady who launched a song about Obama, or the two or three girls, of course, profit being the bottom line, to sell t-shirts. Suggestive songs. Now, how does that affect Obama as a presidential candidate? Good, bad? Worse or better than Mrs. Clinton’s insurmountable==wait, seemingly surmountable odds on overcoming the base suggestiveness or alleged infidelity.

Again, media coverage comes back to what can we get you on? embarrass you about? judge you about? what can we get off on while dissing you?

yes, we do this as a society, but do I want my LEADER doing this?

No. It’s that simple.


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