Collision of Truth

Suppose, you recognized that in the moments when you first awake from sleep, you have no name?

Suppose you recognized that in those few spare moments in the day there was no list, no bills, no anger, no complaints, no one outside of the limitless mind that you awoke to?

Limitless of course implying that you woke to some collective whole. As if whole could be separated from collective.


I recently read something…what a laugh as I am always reading…but I read something, I believe it was on The Spiritual Oracle…and I was questioning something, suprise, repeating number sightings I think, and someone replied that they had learned to accept what is and was…hmmm.

I think I get it now.

I have this odd occurrence daily, birds sweep and hover in front of my car, my windshield, it used to freak me out and I would duck…recently I shrug it off, knowing it means something, but also knowing I do not know the language of birds and I just better let it go. Now I am talking as if I have really mastered sitting back and nothing could be further from the truth, but I swear, I haven’t ducked so much in the last few days.

What helped me was thinking of children. Children don’t to our knowledge recognize the written language and it takes most years of integration to get them to conform and see it “our” way. Yet, a part of them recognizes the power of the written word, the mystical aspect, the magic, and will hold a book, a piece of paper, a dollar bill…and “pretend” to read. I recently saw this and thought: that is me on a spiritual search, I pretend to know the language.


7 thoughts on “Collision of Truth

  1. Have you considered the possibility, as unlikely as it may be, as absurd as it surely sounds, that children are born with an intelligence and intuition that is far beyond our adult comprehension, and that it is our years of “teaching” that regresses them to our level? Before you dismiss this out outright, consider this. There is branch of mathematics that has postulated the plausibility of a universe where space-time, for all time, traverses in a direction inverse to ours. In this universe, an apple does not fall from a tree. Its atoms coalesce from those of the surrounding earth into that recognizable shape – including blemishes and bruises. It is pulled up to the branch by the same gravitational forces that we experience, only in the reverse. The ripe apple is absorbed by the branch, which is then absorbed by the trunk of the tree, which is absorbed by the earth and so on. Like the apple, in this universe we are “born” with all the knowledge, experience and aches of our grandparents and get “younger” with passage of time. The stuff of science fiction perhaps, but the scientific consensus today is that everything we see and experience in the universe, the earth, all the stars in all the galaxies amount to a mere 8% of the universe. That 92% of everything is the truth we are all on a collision course with – regardless of the direction time flows for you.

  2. Hi, S.E. 🙂

    I’m a numbers and a bird freak…amongst other things!

    When I began to view my life symbollically, rather than literally, my whole experience and reality began to change! I love the Native American wisdom where animal totems are concerned…that might be a place to start investigating the bird thing. Keep in mind the symbolly is for us to look at and process intuitively. The ‘signs’ (if you will) come to grab our attention so that we are really present. What was going through your mind at the time? What’s going on in your life? Many of these questions have been answered for me as I’ve looked at soome of the apparently random events and experiences of my day…they are definitely NOT random!

    For awhile there, I was finding feathers all the time. Huge black crow feathers. This was on the beginning of my “symbollic sight” journey. I began to study Crow medicine, and all that entails.

    The numbers thing in interesting. When I’m seeing number patterns, I go to some of the stuff that’s come out of the “new age”, but I rely heavily on traditional numerology for interpretation…

    It’s really all about using what’s outside of us to see and understand what is within!

    NAMASTE and have an amazing day!

  3. S.E, I’m very much into Native
    American Totem Medicine and Totem Wisdom.

    Yes, that is where to look for the meaning
    behind the kind of bird encounters you

    Different birds carry different meanings. What
    kind of birds are they?

    Spiritual language is spoken and unspoken. You
    do know the language when you see it or hear it,
    be it written, unwritten, spoken or unspoken.
    You are attuned. Think of it as soul whispers,
    and yourself as a soul listener and whisperer.

    I’m adding you to my blogroll, if I haven’t

  4. Carl: What a ring of truth that concept has to it, it just resonates as true. It reminds me of a note I wrote to myself, as I often do, about thoughts/stories I want to explore or right. It had to do with reverse time in both directions. I would love to read any scientific articles on the concept you wrote about.

  5. Grace: Thank you for the wonderful comment. I have been searching for the meanings, more so as to what occurs with the birds constantly flying across my vision (hmmmm) and seemingly hovering. I will try to research beginning in Native American foundations. Think I may have resisted the sightings as first, when I dared mention it in polite company, the responses I got were not along the lines of my gut instinct or my feelings. So I mention this only here and to a very few loved ones.

    Interesting that finding the Crow feathers lead you to studying Crow medicine. Was that a natural progression, a coincidence?

  6. Romancing: Very glad you stopped in. As to what you said:
    “I’m very much into Native
    American Totem Medicine and Totem Wisdom.
    Yes, that is where to look for the meaning
    behind the kind of bird encounters you
    That is it for me exactly, I am trying to find out about the encounter, the meaning of the encounter as opposed to the meaning of just a particular bird or two as it does not seem to be limited to only a type of bird. The most spectacular yesterday was two side by side, I believe hummingbirds, but I was travelling at about 40 mph, so I could be wrong.
    “Different birds carry different meanings. What
    kind of birds are they?”
    Still researching which some are. Blue jay is more a regular sighting rarely does it go across my windshield or field of travel closely although it did this morning. Possibly hummingbirds yesterday. The rest of the time, now several times daily, a variety of birds I am not sure which ones.
    “Spiritual language is spoken and unspoken. You
    do know the language when you see it or hear it,
    be it written, unwritten, spoken or unspoken.
    You are attuned. Think of it as soul whispers,
    and yourself as a soul listener and whisperer.”
    Around the time you wrote this, I was researching the green language.
    Honored to be added to your blogroll. Having recently discovered your blog, I find it fantastic.

  7. 🙂 Hummingbirds is one of my special allies, S.E. You’ll LOVE what they have to say to you about joy, doing the impossible, and being able to change direction in a wink!

    Oh…by Crow “medicine”, I meant the Crow Totem. The term ‘medicine’ means energy, power or influence..what the Crow symbolisizes and brings to us. It’s been one of my constant companions for many years now.

    Isn’t it wonderful to find people who ‘get’ you??? LOL I find many more in the Cyber world than in my other life, but their numbers are growing, too! Just stay true to yourself and speak your Truth…you’re a wonderful BEing!

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