Symphony of trees

I am not a sophisticated listener of music, I only know what calls to me, and it is such a wide variety.

I sat this early evening outside, surrounded by trees which must be hundreds of years old, and I watched them watching me.

Did you know the movement of the trees, if watched with an open mind and without hurry, do not follow the patterns of proscribed wind?

The leaves move in different patterns, fluttering even within the stronger gusts, they are dancing and shaping themselves against the sky for us to read, if we could only but remember.

There are things calling me to go inside, the day to day events, chores, what you might call, existence, but I am enraptured by what I am witnessing, the leaves and the branches, the very limbs are acting against the wind and dancing.

The first symphony I ever have understood.


4 thoughts on “Symphony of trees

  1. Wow, what a great post. You depicted the music of the trees just grand.
    It was so fine to read your text.
    The music of the silence… wow.
    Thank you for the visiting my blog.

  2. It is nice to just sit and watch nature dance it’s dance. Sadly, not many people actually stop and take the time to even acknowledge the Earth and all of it’s glory.

    Also an excellent way of describing what one can feel when they take a moment to gaze upon the beauty that is our world.

  3. ((( SE ))) I immediately thought of the Deeksha effect. This is something that I have experienced – it is like a new awareness…a new connection with things. WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL accounting! Thank you!

  4. Tomas: Thank you in turn for stopping by to see us. I encourage any others stopping by to check out Tomas’ artwork.

    Hallowed: Thank you for expanding and speaking to us about the dance with nature, that in effect is what occurs at certain times, perhaps all times.

    Grace: How funny, most likely as you wrote that, I bought a new book, Deeksha, The Fire from Heaven…

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