Those that do and those that don’t…

I spend a lot of time figuring out the “why”.

It occurred to me tonight, if I spent half as much time doing that I spend on the why, perhaps, maybe, in time, I could alter my perception of the why, or the framework of the why would change, from one more positive action.

The article I read in Body & Soul Magazine on the Nest got me thinking, suppose this young woman who has begun a foundation of micro credit, was still sitting around figuring out the why?

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4 thoughts on “Those that do and those that don’t…

  1. It’s almost a stall tactic, creating boundaries. Funny, thinking of how the why can stop one from doing reminds me of many different readings – whether religious or new age – about removing the veil between the Divine and how we otherwise perceive our day to day reality.

  2. Hi, S.E.

    I’m almost positive the first word I spoke as a baby was “Why?” LOL 🙂 So I’m feeling your pain.

    Sometimes asking why serves a good purpose, especially when we’re using it for self exploration. For example, why am I feeling the way I do…or….why did I just do that? Self exploration into “why” we do something can help us to really get in touch with ourselves, our feelings, our (limiting) beliefs, etc.

    But after awhile, the WHY is best put to rest. Say I’ve been having a struggle with money. Rather than keep asking WHY over and over, if I begin to ask HOW, that might help me. “How can I best use my energy here?” “How can I maximize my finances”, etc.

    Now..if I’m working on manifesting something – say, $100,000 – I can leave the “HOW” up to the Universe 🙂 I just give thanks and a gratitude!

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