No rain last night: chalk remains…



*I enjoy the lack of permanence in chalk-contradiction as I took photos of some of the stages.  Yet, I did not take a photo last night even though the skies threatened to open up again.  I play the same games with myself with writing, if I have a thought, you know the kind, that strikes of wanting to be preserved, I normally will not reach for paper or the keyboard.  Instead, I feel, if it is worth saying, worth knowing, it will come back to me.  I see the maze I create as I am a fan of pure stream of consciousness writing.  I’m laughing, ?pure?, as if my mind does not edit at least somewhat before my fingers hit the keys.

Anyway-enjoy-may you have a blessed Saturday.


2 thoughts on “No rain last night: chalk remains…

  1. Aaah..,brings to mind the idea of an etch-a-sketch world where you can shake and start fresh. No permanence.

    I wonder if we would just recreate what we had since organic evolution (and learning) hadn’t yet come to pass…or could we courageously unite to create something bold and new based on what we’ve seen and learned? And who gets to hold the etch-a-sketch?

  2. Wonderful, wonderful! I love your imagery. See, in many ways, I do believe if we could scrape the garbage from our minds, hearts, souls, we would indeed have a new slate with the innate answers.

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